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The poopy little puppy.

When I got talked into getting a dog almost 2 years ago, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Growing up, I had never had a dog. Heck, I don’t think I had ever properly petted a dog. But I signed up, got our puppy and, honestly, I can’t imagine our family without him now.

One problem. I…


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I feel like I'm drowning I hate feeling depressed especially when it seems it will never end.  This is such a hard issue that I have had to deal with for so many years.  I really hate talking about these things with anyone because I just want everyone to think I'm normal.  The problem is I don't feel normal and this is something that I have wished for. Even now I'm finding out hard to write about this. 

I'm just going to list my problems below…


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Thundershirt My Ass

We recently learned that our dog has a serious fear of thunderstorms, which is awesome when they happen in the middle of the night.  So now I'm apparently on the hunt for doggie Xanax.  Click over to my blog to see what led up to this:…


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The Evolution of Sleep Deprivation

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the dreadful toll motherhood has taken on my sleeping patterns.  Little by little, I'm starting to realize that this sleep deprivation shit is just a never-ending, vicious cycle that nobody ever REALLY tells you about.  Evidently, it never really goes away but just presents itself in different forms along the way, starting from the time…


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Life Values and Bipolar Limitations…

Life Values and Bipolar Limitations…

This is part of a…


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The Bedtime Follies: A Four-Part Comedy

edtime is a blast for many of us moms.

Dinner has been eaten (sometimes), baths have been drained and we're in the home stretch, we tell ourselves.…


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Back on the Chain Gang: Should Kids Be Leashed?

We've all been there, right?
We're out in public, with our kid (or kids) in tow, and suddenly he bolts for the road unexpectedly.

Or how about…

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One year later: Surviving a crisis and finding peace

The following was written on July 23, 2011 somewhere in southern California.


I’m lying in bed. My youngest is next to me, lying on her stomach and hogging the pillows as she watches “Good Luck Charlie” on the Disney Channel. My oldest is in the bed next to us texting, facebooking, googling and listening to music simultaneously on one…


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Great Expectations

I often wonder how we, as women, survive.  I know that I am not unusual, but I spend the majority of my time worrying about what I have to do, longing to do the things I want to do, and guilting myself out when I don’t get things done, because I was doing what I wanted to do for myself.

Why do we do this to ourselves?  Life is complicated enough without adding more and more layers of complexities.  Somehow, society has painted a picture of what the perfect woman should be.  She should…


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Nursery Rhymes Deconstructed: Sing a Song of Sixpence

So by now, if you've read any of my other posts, you've probably figured out that I'm a bit sarcastic. Just a tad.…


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Heart to Heart

I’m having a bad day.  I had a bad day yesterday, and the day before.  I am feeling off my game.  And I don’t like it.

I spent yesterday afternoon in a cardiologist’s office.  For once, it wasn’t for my father, but for me.  Daddy has had a couple of sets of stents placed in the grafted veins of his heart.  The first round was in January, and again in April.  He is fine now and is feeling much better, but the effects of sitting in the cardiac unit of a hospital have shaken me…


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Anxiety - Eliminate It Forever

Anxiety is the after effects of hidden fear. FEAR has more power than any other word in any language. When we examine the word--Fear--there are other words that hitch on for a ride like velcro--Afraid, Anxiety, Panic, Phobia, Anxious, Nervous, Shaky, Fearful, Worry, etc.

When you think of the word FEAR, what does it represent to you? There is nothing that one can not create a fear about. Anxieties or phobias include: insects or snakes; cats or dogs; flying in an airplane; driving a…


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12 Reasons Kids Misbehave: Which ones apply to your child?

If you attend a workshop or parenting class, you are likely to hear that children misbehave for four common reasons: attention, power, revenge or inadequacy. Yet, when I ask parents the meanings behind behavior, they often come up with a broader range of reasons children misbehave. Let’s look at the short list:).

Children may misbehave due to:

1. Developmental delays: Children who experience language, motor,…


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A Frustrated Parent vs. School Bureaucracy

New at my main blog:… Continue

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Simple Tips on Childhood Depression

We all experience sadness or the blues sometimes. Feeling sad is part of growing up. But depression is different. Childhood depression can be a challenge to spot because children are unlikely to say, “Mom, I feel depressed.”

Children are more likely to show signs of anxiety, withdrawal, loss of interest in activities, loss of or significant increase in appetite, lethargy or worry. Persistent irritability and anger may also be signs of… Continue

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Social Phobia or Anxiety Stealing From You...?

Sometimes, my heart would beat so fast that I thought I was having an anxiety heart attack...

Certain situations and dealing with certain people were just going to get my heart racing, and that awful,… Continue

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Getting Ready For School...Help!

My daughter starts kindergarten Monday!!! Yikes, where did the summer go?

She is VERY anxious about school so I’ve been doing little things to help her for the first day. The National Association for School Psychologists(NASP) has a list of guidelines to help parents, nannies and children get ready for school.

They most important thing you can before school starts is be prepared. For example, make sure all health appointments have been completed. Review all…


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Robin Tramble aka Empowerment Diva experiences MAXIMUM Empowerment through crisis with her daughter - Sharing keys with you! FREE

Imagine.... You EMPOWERED to finally live your best life ever!

Dear friend,

My family and I just experienced the most frightening crisis of our life. Our oldest daughter on Life Support. We almost lost her not once but

twice. How did we persevere,…


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Summer Camps and Flood Gates

Sometimes I just feel so happy that I have a Blog. It’s become my little place I go when I’m feeling happy, sad, confused, angered, anxious and celebratory.

This morning I shipped two little boys off to camp. I know what you’re saying… “Day camp! Get over yourself, Mamma!” But really, I’m not over it. I’m totally still in it. And the flood gates haven’t shut off

yet. If you’re a mom with a kid starting a first day of school, a first

day of daycare, a first day of camp, or…


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