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A Note To Myself - Pregnancy Loss

The following is a note I wrote to myself on October 5th, 2007, 5 months after we lost our little girl Tobee at 5 months into the pregnancy.  I re-read this today while going over some of my notes in an attempt to remember her, the 5 months she was growing inside of me, and the 5 months of ups and downs hoping every time we had an ultrasound (and we had a lot) that her heartbeat was stronger and she was growing bigger and catching up.  Sadly after years of infertility and finally getting…


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Bigger boobs.  Expanded belly.  Varicose veins. Back pain.  Though it's an exciting moment in time, pregnancy is often uncomfortable.  Happily, there are numerous products designed to lend an extra dose of support to moms-to-be.

Here, my handy-dandy list of groovy gear to help you look and feel your best during trimesters one through four.

Trimester 1…


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Baby Got Back

I have to say, after all of the comments and pictures of glowing pregnant women...I definitely thought I would feel the same...wouldn't that be nice. The first trimester has to be the hardest thing in the world. I have put on 7 lbs in my gut...not cute! My boobs have grown two cup sizes in the last few weeks and my pants are not buttoning the way they are supposed to. Well...let me rephrase that...I can button my pants but I feel like a really fat pig in a small blanket if you know what I mean.… Continue

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Bun in the Oven

A few weeks ago, I started feeling all emotional, bloated and having the chills. Naturally, I thought Auntie Flo was coming to visit. Why wouldn't I think that??? Well, I was wrong. Auntie was definitely not coming and maybe not for a really long time. Sad! Not really! I went and took a pregnancy test and two seconds later...THERE IT WAS...two dark blue faithful lines staring… Continue

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Some pregnant women are blessed with that goddess like glow from within. Not me. My face was peppered with a smorgasbord of dermatological atrocities from the moment I learned of my pregnancy. Red spots appeared on my cheeks. Water retention caused Samsonite sized luggage to take up residence under my eyes. Itchy eczema patches came and went on my face and body.  I went through a bout of acne that would put a teenager’s volcanic complexion to shame.…


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Behind the Scenes of my Access Hollywood Valentine's Day Segment, BTW ALL THESE HOT MODELS ARE MOMS!


Access Hollywood Amy Tara Koch

Billy Bush and Kit Hoover and Amy going over her script …


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Melasma sucks. It is difficult to treat, it is unsightly, frustrating and just plain embarrassing to those of us who suffer from it. Not my face/photo - photo from   What is Melasma? It …

Melasma sucks. It is difficult to treat, it is unsightly, frustrating and just plain embarrassing to those of us who suffer from it.…


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Natalie Portman: A gorgeous bump it up work in progress

Natalie Portman was glowing and gorge at last night’s SAG awards. In my book, the divine Ms N wins in the “most improved” category making up for her Vicktor & Rolf Golden Globes fashion fiasco. Still, there is room to bump it up and really make a statement for the Oscars. With her belly busting triumphantly from restraining waistbands, Natalie needs to think about how to use accessories as tools to both glammify her look and leanify her silhouette.…


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Born Pre-Polluted

A U.S. Environmental Working Group Study looked at the umbillical cords of 10 newborns in 2004. Widely believed was the concept that the placenta shielded a developing fetus from toxins in the environment, such as chemicals in our products, and pesticides. The blood was collected from the cords of these babies by the Red Cross, as a means of testing this theory. The results were…


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The Bump Tales: Week 22

Well if you've been following this blog at all in the past, or follow me on Twitter, or know me in real life then you'd know that I am pregnant, currently expecting Baby Girl #2.

I know I should have started this earlier, life kind of got in the way,

but I wanted to do like a diary-type thing chronicling what happens

every week up until "Labor Day"

and… Continue

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What You Don’t Need to Organize When You Are Expecting

by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore

As soon as that cute little baby bump makes its appearance, the unsolicited advice rears its ugly head. From your best friend to your mother-in-law to a complete stranger in the check-out line, everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to your growing belly and how you’ll deal with it all. Whether it’s “are you planning to breastfeed” or “what color have you picked for the nursery,” all of the…


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Mother Friendly Childbirths for All Mamas

I had the great fortune to attend The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services Annual Forum the weekend of February 26-27 here in Austin, TX. This is my first CIMS meeting and it truly lived up to all that I've ever heard about CIMS.

CIMS is made up of individuals and groups that are passionate about preserving natural childbirth and helping all mothers to have natural childbirths. They advocate a midwife model of care which accentuates freedom of movement while in labor, the… Continue

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Coalition for Improving Maternity Services is Coming to Austin, TX!

I’m so excited! The Coalition for Improving Maternity

(CIMS) Annual Meeting

and Forum will be held in Austin this weekend, February 26-27th and I’m

going to be there! Some of the most prominent experts in mother and

baby care will be presenting and relating data from their latest

research. I know that I am going to learn a lot about how to better care

for and serve mamas on bed rest.

By their own… Continue

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High Risk Doesn't Have to Mean Powerless

A common misconception amongst high risk pregnant women (myself included) is that we don't have options when it comes to labor and delivery. Because we are high risk and "likely to have complications" we don't even ask if alternative treatments or options are available. We simply go with whatever our obstetricians "advise", even if we have strong reservations or even vehement opposition to their recommendations.

In this blog post, I want to encourage high risk pregnant women to speak… Continue

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To “C” or Not to “C”? Cesarean Section-That was the Question.

The decision whether or not to have a cesarean section should depend on whether or not a vaginal delivery poses a serious physical threat to mother, baby or both. Unfortunately, in the United States, the decision whether or not to have a cesarean delivery can be based on such flighty decisions as, "I want to have my baby during the week and not the weekend."

For me personally, there were some medical reasons that made cesarean delivery a sensible option. But looking back now, I… Continue

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Folate vs. Folic Acid : benefits and risks.

Appropriately, the first week and month of the New Year begins with Folic Acid and birth defect awareness. Folic Acid being the most famous anti-birth defect vitamin in the B family. However, there is confusion and misunderstanding about this vitamin, its benefits and risks.

This awareness week should be renamed FOLATE WEEK.

Folic Acid is a synthetically made vitamin. Folate, or B9, is the natural form of this B vitamin. It is found in green leafy vegetables, whole grains like… Continue

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Confessions of a Mother on Bed Rest

From my blog: At Donna's Discretion:

Bed rest. Separate, these words sound great. The word "bed" conjures up images of warm, cozy comfort. The word "rest" is one that no one could find fault in. It's a way to de-stress and something everyone seems to need more of these days. Used together, however, these words create an oxymoron. At least it does when you are a mother.

Have you ever heard the saying,… Continue

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A Dog and a Baby

One of the most phenomenal stories regarding babies that I ever heard was reported on CNN in May 2005 and in the May 30, 2005 edition of Jet Magazine.

“A newborn baby abandoned in a Kenyan forest was saved by a stray dog who apparently carried her across a busy road and through a barbed wire fence to a shed where the infant was discovered nestled with a litter of puppies.” CBS News covered this story as well.

This baby girl was dressed… Continue

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The Parent Trip- from High Heels & Parties to High Chairs & Potties

After the pregnancy test is bought and your dreams have been confirmed, you are on cloud 9. For most of us, the trip begins. You think the final destination is the delivery room. What you forget to remember is that room is just a rest stop on your trip. With every trip, you'll experience ups and downs. You'll be trading your little wallet sized clutch in for an oversized bag that weighs as much as a baby. Cocktail parties will be upgraded with balloons, clowns and lots of little screaming… Continue

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My Top 5 Post Pregnancy Happy Thoughts

From my blog, At Donna's Discretion:

This blog post is not about the obvious mushy stuff. Of course what I'm most looking forward to is finally having my little bundle of joy in my arms. Having another happy, healthy son is going to be my biggest blessing through all of this, but I'm not going to talk about the obvious here. I'm going to talk about the stuff that I didn't learn about until AFTER I became… Continue

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