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Hello College Mom

I'm still pinching myself. Where did 18 years go? Friends, enjoy your precious children before you know it, you'll be asking the same question!


I shared my reflections here in this post: FLY BABY FLY...Spread Your Wings and Soar High

Would love to hear from you if you're a college mom...any advice you have for this new College Mom.


Happy Wednesday...have a blessed week!!


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An Exceptional Journey: Working Mother Lessons from Janice Dean

I recently came upon the story of Janice Dean, a meteorologist for the FOXNews channel and mother of two young boys. Janice’s story of working motherhood was particularly interesting to me, as she has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system, which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. My blog, the PRIMARY DILEMMA, is about diversity among working mothers and the challenges that they face.


Janice’s story of managing…


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Back on the Chain Gang: Should Kids Be Leashed?

We've all been there, right?
We're out in public, with our kid (or kids) in tow, and suddenly he bolts for the road unexpectedly.

Or how about…

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Would You Let Your Children See You Naked?

Recently, former supermodel Heidi Klum has been taking a lot of flak in the media for going topless at a beach outing with her children. The Project Runway host was vacationing with her husband Seal and their four children (ages 1, 4 , 5, and 7) in Sardinia, Italy when a cameraman captured Heidi topless. She defended her decision by saying, "[My kids] see their parents naked all the time. We are not ashamed." As a liberal, I say kudos to Heidi for being so comfortable with her body. I know…


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The Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy Walked Into a Bar...

Yea, this would likely be a pretty funny joke if it existed. Perhaps it does, somewhere out there.

Nonetheless, whether or not it exists…

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Back-to-School Checklist

Getting ready for kids to go back to school is about more than just making the mad dash to an office supply store or clothes retailer for those back-to-school essentials; it's also about regaining your sanity.  Sure, you enjoyed a relaxing summer with no real obligations, but by the end of the summer you are drained from coming up with new and creative activities to keep your children entertained, especially if they do not go to camp.  But before they're off and running, you should address…


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Spirit, Mind & Body Parenting By: Carol Lawrence and Stacy Toten

*Photo provided by*…

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Meltdown in Aisle 5: Top 6 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Calm at the Supermarket

It's an inevitability that every parent has to experience. A rite of passage, the "supermarket shakedown" is one that indeed shakes your maternal/paternal resolve to the core. This unique meltdown of sorts is atypical in that it is usually precipitated by the perpetrator's viewing of candy-coated confections, promptly followed by an unequivocal "No!"

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Having Twins Rocks!

"Happily ever after" is not a reality when it comes to parenting twins, apparently.

I just finished reading this article and boy, am I depressed. Sounds like I'm a prime candidate for not only the current depression but divorce and perpetual misery as well.

Unfortunately, I can vouch for the truth behind the basic theme… Continue

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Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

Latest post is called The Grocery Store Meltdown. It's a question I've addressed a lot lately.  Feel free to agree or disagree with my assessment!  What do moms do to deal with/prevent meldowns from children in a grocery store?


Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

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Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures (Needing a Little Help)

I am looking for some answers from an executive about family programming.  If you are looking for better programming for your family and/or kids, please read this and let's see if we can get some answers!  Best wishes!!!



Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

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Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures (This Sucks)

From Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures- Blog post is meant to address inappropriate language in our homes.  Enjoy!!!



Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

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Attitude of Gratitude

Have you ever caught yourself grumbling and complaining about the little things in life that always seem to need doing? You know the mundane things like dishes, laundry, washing the car, mowing the lawn and so on.  I sure have.

Then today I chanced upon a quote by Nancie J Carmody. “I am…


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Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures (This Sucks)

"This Sucks" is the title to the new Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures blog. Hopefully after reading, you'll understand the meaning and not think I am talking about my own post.  :)  All the best!!!


Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

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Inside each little acorn is the potential for a strong and mighty oak tree.  So it is with our children. Inside each child is the potential for the most amazing future. But just as a seed needs the right environment in which to be planted and…


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The Name Game

Naming a child is far from an easy process for most people.  Granted, there are couples who have their children’s names picked out years before the double pink line appears on the stick.  Usually these are the traditional folks who want to honor family members by carrying on their names.  I think that’s a lovely idea but unfortunately I had names to choose from like Melba, Edgar and Lois.  Sorry, I’m just not doing that to a kid. 


I did however have a boy name picked out, not…


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Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

Latest parenting post is up called Checkmate.  This painful lesson was taught to me in high school and I haven't forgotten it as a parent.  Enjoy!!!


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Who Let in the Joneses

This post is from "Sandra" who asks about the fine line between giving her children what they want without feeling like she always has to keep up with her neighbors.  Please contribute if you think there is anything I left out.


Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures

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"Motherhood" - My Own Thoughts and the Movie

Before we all become mothers, we dream of the day when God will bless us with a little angel and the doctor places this little miracle in our arms.

I was one of those little girls who didn't dream as much about her wedding, as many do, but rather more on becoming a… Continue

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Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better....

Perhaps it started way back when in the prehistoric annals of domesticity, the 1950's. If one went by the media and popular accounts of daily life that were portrayed at the time, women wanted to do nothing more than to keep a beautiful home and cook a wonderful meal. The name of the game was perfection and the holy grail was a sparkling kitchen floor and a husband's shirt that was devoid of the feared "ring around the collar." Apparently women…


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