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Angelman Syndrome the facts about my kiddo

Angelman Syndrome is described as a rare nervous system disorder usually misdiagnosed as either Cerebral Palsy or Autism. My son Cedric falls into the category of misdiagnosed Cerebral Palsy, most likely because thankfully he had no seizures. There are several types of Angelman Syndrome all require a degree in genetics to understand! I will do my best to explain my son's type. He is known as Deletion negative, methylation positive.

What is chromosome 15?


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Need Comments on Post

I have three blog tours over the next week and all of them need comments, there are prizes for me and for the top commentator. Please visit my blog post for more information.

All the help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

Also a chance for a free book, Queen of the Road



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Since I became a mom 25-months ago I can't remember a damn thing. Birthdays? Nope. Names of parents at preschool? My mind is blank. I almost had a panic attack the first time I went on a television shoot after I had Natalia. I was producing a crime show that involved about ten different interviews, as many shooting locations and piles of legal documents. Back then I barely could remember how to feed Natalia at a certain time let alone remember the… Continue

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Barefoot books giveaway

Looking for a book gift for your under 5...........look no fur I have a giveaway right now.

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Is Facebook High School All Over Again

Do we ever leave High School? I think not. Will they or won't they be my "friend"? Something everyone in High School has thought at least once. Now its out there on the World Wide Web, talk about grand scale rejection. A friend of mine kept telling me to go on Facebook, you can get in touch with all of your old high school friends. Well, curiosity got the best of me. No one bothered to mention how addicting it would become. I mean really, who doesn't… Continue

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I've You Blessed This Day For Your Health?

I've You Blessed Your Health Today…

Hello Fellow Readers,

Well Today I Have Received The News That One Of Bridesmaids 9 Years Ago Is Battling For Her Life In The Hospital Against Ovarian Cancer…

I can’t begin to tell you how devastated I am just by writing these words. Just to see this perfect wedding picture, thinking about this beautiful day is slowly fading away. One of our friend died of Diabetes at 34… Continue

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Hard Time of year

I want to make this time exciting and happy for my family. I cannot get the energy up to do it some days.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in June 14 years ago. We had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. My husband was off at his first year of school several states away and I was finishing my last semester near my parents. He came home for the week, until Saturday. My brother got off his conceited high horse long enough to come home for the weekend. The Sunday after Thanksgiving my… Continue

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Another Contest

Just a quick note - we have another cute contest going on over at - just comment to enter:

Here's the specific post - the contest ends on December 1.

Have a great weekend Tweeties!

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I want to help you with your FREE Giveaway!

If you have a FR.EE Giveaway on your blog, website or VLOG, I would love to help you by providing a 100% Natural Wax, Gourmet Candle. I will be giving away a candle each week until the end of the year!

I will ship directly to your winner or to you, if you would prefer, and will include a free product for you as well.


or call my direct home office line 1-616-868-0792

and leave your website link and contact information, and I… Continue

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Surgery time....

Dear Mr. Gall Bladder


As of December 2, 2008 you are hereby evicted from your place of residence. I have asked you nicely to leave, but you do not and continue to give me pain and agony. You also have violated your lease with the amount of "tennants" (stones) living in one place. Eight is just too many for one area. So, you leave me with no other choice but to evict you. My surgeon will be on hand to escort you… Continue

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Links to 250+ Alternatives to Big-Box Retailers: Get the Widget!

In honor of "black friday", I'm posting a widget that includes 250+ mom-powered alternatives to big box retailers:

This list of links comes from the TwitterMoms Holiday Catalog. You'll find literally hundreds of places to shop (and great gift ideas) here, for you and your readers. Shopping is easy -- just click any link to visit the site directly.…


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I didn't have to eat Ham!!!

I praise the Lord because for the last

2 years I didn't get to eat Turkey...

I was breaking out in a rash...I had

such a peace today...

I prayed with my sister

and no rash! Watch out turkeys...I'm gonna eat… Continue

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The Cocktail Cafe Moms Guide to Shopping on Black Friday 2008

Omg, Omg, Happy Thanksgiving to all but lets get to the meat of this post shall we? I have officially locked myself in the bathroom (Shhhhh, Im hidding) so that I can get you guys all the Black Friday Deals, Black Friday Ads, and my official Black Friday 2008 guide to shopping. So lets get down to my tips, rules and must-have’s for those of you crazy cocktail moms that are hitting the streets like mad tomorrow morning.

So here are my top… Continue

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Black Friday Sale

I hope everyone has a plentiful Thanksgiving.

For those of you waking up at the crack of dawn to take advantage of door busters and early morning sales. MORE POWER TO YOU!

Mark and I will also be out at 5am picking up gifts and stuff.

For those of you shopping on the net I invite you to visit my shop and take advantage of a black friday sale.

Friday 11/28 - Sunday 11/30 everything in my store is 20%… Continue

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We gather again this year with as many family and friends as we can crowd around our huge dining room table. Despite that, there are many missing. Two of our grown children, and three of our grandchildren, live in Alaska. One grandchild, her husband and their new baby (our great-grandchild!) live in Utah.

But they will all be here in our hearts and prayers. There is no blessing better than family and friends. As we offer Thanksgiving Day prayers with, and for, all of them, here are… Continue

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Vision Forum Boys and Girls Toys On Sale

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Wordpress Managment plugin every blogger needs

f you follow my tweets you will know I have been searching for weeks to locate a quality plug in that would enhance the management panel of Word Press.

A few of the things I was looking for:

The ability to insert comments on any given post within the management panel. For the purpose of allowing other admins to help me manage each post effectively. For example ” draft complete - please proof before publishing” .

I also wanted a way to easily view, search, and… Continue

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Giving Thanks

Well it is here, the start of the first holiday season without my husband. I have been dreading this day but at the same time looking forward to making it a special day for the kids. As I work on getting everything together I can't help but think about last Thanksgiving. John was sick, we were told he had bronchitis and never imagined that shortly after the New Year he would be diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.

Even thought John was sick, he still put together an amazing… Continue

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Things I Am Thankful For This Year

I am thankful for some many things this year and I thought I would share a few. (In no special order!)

-Thankful for a roof over my head, plenty of food to eat and a steady income

-Thankful for my family and awesome friends

-Thankful my son loves preschool so much

-Thankful my son is now potty trained (mostly)

-Thankful my husband still loves me after 8 1/2 years of marriage

-Thankful my daughter is so much fun

-Thankful that even though it is… Continue

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Propylene Glycol?!

What's a day without learning about another toxic additive to our lives? This time it's a chemical substance called Propylene Glycol. This little baby is found in moisturizers, as the killing and preserving agent in pitfall traps (usually used to capture beetles), as a food additive (AKA E1520) and...are you ready for this? To De-ice airplanes! Because of its low chronic oral toxicity, propylene glycol is generally recognized as safe for use as a direct food additive. The US Food and Drug… Continue

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