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Truth is Stranger Than Fiction - Dana Titus Photographer

So, a few weeks ago, I took my laptop to a popular local coffee shop near my home, as I often do when I am editing a session. I really enjoy the lively atmosphere of this place and I am so fortunate that I have a job where I can be "mobile" and not stuck to a desk. My task that day was to edit some personal images from the summer -- as I had taken the summer off, there was no pressure to edit for a client, so I figured I would take my time with it. Have a cup of tea, maybe enjoy a scone, just… Continue

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Anuleaf AD Press Release

Check out the press release for FDA approved new hemorrhoid treatment, Anuleaf AD

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Breastfeeding and breast implants

Many times, women feel inadequate or hesitant about trying to breastfeed when they have had implants for breast augmentation. There is no need to be shy or reticent; with support and information, breastfeeding can be accomplished.

Here are some tips to follow:

1. It is important to note that women who have implants are able to breastfeed. It may take more time, and some intervention, but it is possible.

2. Working with a professional doula/lactation… Continue

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Monday Magic! - Near Undiscovered Wonder on Etsy

Post extracted from -

Monday Magic...Summer's End


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You just cannot believe the incredible beauty and the real softness of life. You must believe especially if you are not experiencing how great life is right now regardless to the circumstances.

1. Catch the moment – Perfect Photography.

2. Remember the buddy system because two have more fun than one.

3. Take time once in a while to just enjoy the moment.

4. When someone tries to surprise you, let them think they got away with it.

5. Remember, the Lord knows you… Continue

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Mommy Mall [Shop & Opportunity]


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Twitter Tip - How to Unfollow People who Don't Follow You

By @ednapeacedr

Looking to unfollow people who don't follow you on Twitter? Below is a list of some sites that can help you do just that.

I've personally been using FriendorFollow to find people who are not following me. This has helped me remove people who are not following me and have nothing in common with me.

Here's the list as promised:…


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Freebies, coupons, and more! Make money- find great ideas- a whole lot of everything!

I received a ton of information this week on coupons, deals and freebies... I hope we have room for all of this. Also, what do you think of the new layout? Please comment, I am trying to find the perfect visual without boring you to death!

Free Flip Flops from…

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Change and Management

Change is a constant, isn’t it? I don’t usually MIND change, but when the change isn’t a “positive” change I have to deliberately and consciously manage the change to keep from getting discouraged.

As we continue to slog through the economic downturn I’ve reached a decision. Our weekly trips to the horse barn are going to stop for a while. Little Miss gets three therapies on the same day each week at the barn. I have seen improvement in her physical stability, her thought… Continue

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Optimism-Being That Voice For Someone Else

View From The Perch

Monday, August 31

A grandmother spoke with me about her beloved granddaughter: She's just floating. Her talent and intelligence are going nowhere. She hasn't pursued school (e.g. college) nor, is she using or developing her artistic skills. She seems lost. She moved closer to where her parents live.(on the West Coast) but she doesn't seem to be motivated or have a goal. Her father never thought she was very intelligent. Her stepmother doesn't like her. Her mother… Continue

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Boys And Their Toys

Here is a blog which squarely goes under the “ranting” category. I was watching Wyatt play outside at Grandma and Grandpa’s house last weekend, and noticed that everything he touches turns into a gun, sword, or something “for fighting”. Not like this is new to me, he is always wanting to “shoot guns” and play “good guy-bad guy” with me. Mom, you be the bad guy and I be the good guy, ok? I started thinking back to about one year ago….

We were at a childcare center (one that will remain… Continue

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Teeth are oh-so-important

Last week I snapped some shots of Chris and Brooklyn. As I was going through the hundreds thousands of pictures I have taken this year in preparation for a scrapbooking weekend I have coming up, I noticed that I really don’t have too many of daddy and his little girl. So when we left the house for the “big slide park” one evening I (of course) grabbed my camera, and told Chris to bring his tooth along.

Does that last sentence make sense? What is she talking about? Bring your tooth?… Continue

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Our First Anniversary Member Update

Believe it or not, this week TwitterMoms celebrates its first anniversary!

On September 2, 2008, I inadvertently pushed a button that opened to the public. It began as an effort to create a directory aimed at making it easier for moms to find each other on Twitter. I had found so may interesting women on Twitter. There were so many fresh voices out there. The goal with the site was simply to make it easier for moms to find each other. It was that… Continue

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Lunch Box Meal Ideas ~ Quick, Easy AND Healthy!

quick easy lunch box meals

"Quick and Easy"

The #1 request of Busy Moms when it comes to Back To School Lunch Box Meal Ideas. Unfortunately, many of the "quick and easy" options found in the grocery stores today have nothing good to offer - just colorful packages made up of refined carbohydrates, too much sodium and loads of sugar and high fructose corn syrup - filling our children's bodies with Empty Calories and unhealthy… Continue

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Blog Giveaway - Free Girls Dress

In honor of going back to school, Bella and Gracie's will be giving away a girls dress. The adorable apple pattern in this dress is perfect for impressing any teacher. Sleeves and ruffle trim of dress are in a brown polka-dot pattern. This dress is a "peasant style" dress with ruffle sleeves and an elastic neckline. To enter the contest just leave a comment on the blog stating what size you would like. A winner… Continue

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Child proofing with older kids

I am a new mom, again, just this July... already have a 6 year old daughter and a 3 year old son... and just had another baby boy! Before you know it, our littlest will be crawling around getting into his big sis and bro's things. I can't believe that we will be having to baby proof again- as we just had gotten beyond many of the safe issues with our 3 year old. Just wanted to see if anyone is in a similiar situation and how do you handle keeping your babies safe while having older kids.

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My son's school needs a celebrity speaker for our annual fundraiser. Know any?

Dear friends,

I am sending out this request to everyone I know in the hopes you can connect me with someone in your network who would be willing to help me find a celebrity speaker by the end of September who would be willing to address an audience for a fundraising event I am supporting for Spring 2010 .

The event is important to me in that it is raising funds to support children's education not just here San Diego but also in developing countries. It is being planned in… Continue

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Money saver

Parents do you get tired of your children outgrowing their clothes too soon? What about cutting the legs out of their sleepers? Well my company "Gro With Me Apparel" has the answer to your prayers.

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Need input for my Gluten Free/Wheat Free 101 Speech at Henry's Wellness Fair in San Diego, Sept 12

Hi everyone! I'm working on my presentation for the Henry's Marketplace Wellness Fair in San Diego on Sept 12th. The title is "Gluten Free/Wheat Free: 101."

Although I'm pretty used to this, I don't want to leave anything out that new-comers might really want to know.

Any of my gluten free friends out there have something they think I should talk about?!

The goal is just to introduce everyone to gf and to talk about "how" to eat gluten free.

What I'm… Continue

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Tips For the Traveling Parent: Seven Ways to Stay Connected to Family

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT


It’s no secret that the traveling parent has a challenging time staying connected to loved ones when leaving home is part of their career. Children may become accustomed to having a parent absent for long periods of time but that doesn’t mean that kids don’t miss their parent dearly.

Here are some fun and unique ways… Continue

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