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10 Tips for More Repeat Customers

As we all know, customers can and will make or break a business.  Building a productive customer base is no easy task these days.  And since selling to an already established customer is easier and more cost effective then trying to bring in a new customer, you need to know what you can do to keep your customers coming back. 

Below are ten strategies for keeping your existing customers and getting more sales.  Although some of these tips might seem obvious, they are not always…


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The Night Our Bed Collapsed


Want further proof that weird, stupid things are attracted to me like a moth to a flame?  Our freaking bed collapsed the other night -- and I SWEAR it wasn't because of what you might think.  Click here to get the full story:  "…


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Not again......

My 4 year old is sick again. A few weeks ago it was myself and my 9 year old. Now I have a sore throat and it hurts like crazy when I sneeze or cough. I had him at ER because he was complaining about his ankle. They did blood work and an x-ray and found nothing wrong with him other than a fever. I have no clue whats up but these "no reason" fevers are driving me nuts. Anyone else have kids who are getting sick like this? It is making me crazy :(

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Live Chat Today on 24/7 MOMS at 1pm & 7pm PST

LIVE Mom Chat Every Monday…


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Calling all natural beauties...

My company, JOON, a line of natural skincare products for young girls, is all about empowering girls to be confident and make smart choices.  Especially when it comes to their health and their skin. 


We are launching a site in two weeks ( and want to profile girls who embody and embrace natural beauty.  If you have a young daughter, friend, niece, cousin, granddaughter...send an e-mail to for details. …


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ebook giveaway

Who couldn't want a free copy of a good read? Especially one you can download to your ereader. Think about it, a quick glimpse on your iphone while waiting for your kids or standing in line at the grocery store or in the doctor's office. I'd love it if you visited my blog and entered to win!

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The Sword of Senack Kindle Fire OR $250 Cash Prize Giveaway

One of our favorite authors, EC Stilson, has done it again! She has graciously purchased a Kindle Fire to giveaway to one of her readers. "The Sword of Senack" is an epic fantasy about three children who embark on a journey to find their brother, but in the process may discover the truth about themselves. This tale of an underwater adventure is now available as a…


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Freaks of Nature

Freaks of Nature

Well, I have just returned from my weekend in France, and my head is spinning with all the crazy stories I have to tell.  Regardless of where I travel, I seem to bring my own special brand of bad…


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The Ultimate MUMPRENEUR Survival Guide

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.

Zig Ziglar

American author, salesperson, and motivational speaker

This survival guide will act as a jumping-off point to get you on your path to achieving your entrepreneurial goals.

And yes, I'm going to use a handy mnemonic to organize this information:…


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Things I've Learned This Week

Once again, I've put together a list of all the mind-boggling discoveries I've made over the past several days. Included is the realization that my son's fingernails are dirtier than the floor of an Irish pub on St. Patrick's Day. Click here for the full list:  "…


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Have you ever just wanted to be a kid again?

Most of us will say yes automatically to this question.  I for one do it at least once a day when I'm watching my two wonderful kids play.  They are so creative an imaginative it just makes me so proud to be their Mom. 

I remember being the age that my daughter is right now, 6, and all I wanted to do was be outside playing in the dirt and climbing trees.  That is my son, and he's 4.  My daughter however is a TOTAL girl. 

She had a friend over last night and they…


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Enter this week's Boutique Scrabble Giveaway during Thursdays Marketplace!

Join us for this week's Thursdays Marketplace, our shops are offering some fabulous sales, special discount codes, flat rate shipping and more, all for one day only!

We have a wonderful new member in Beautiful Cottage Boutiques and are very excited to announce Marionberry Cottage has joined us! We all know and love Debbie, she is so creative…


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iPhone Overload

Well, folks, it seems that my iPhone has been taken hostage by zombies and Justin Bieber.  And sadly, I can't even find the damn weather anymore.  Click over to my blog to find out why:…


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Hurry! Our Beautiful Baby Photo Contest ENDS TODAY!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win over $275 in boutique baby clothing and gifts from Special Baby Shower Giftsor a $50 Coupon Code to redeem on our website!

Simply enter a photo of your baby (age 0-12 months) in our contest by uploading it to the…


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How to Teach Kids Green Living

As parents we are responsible to teach the leaders of tomorrow about green living. Teaching children to live a greenlifestyle can be a stepping stone to greener future for all. Start with the things that are easiest to change and gradually add more which collectively become a gigantic leap towards making the planet a better place for future generations. Develop a green…


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I'm new here and haven't seen a post similiar to mine (okay, real new) but I want to invite you to visit my blog for Trailer Blurb Burp Wednesday. This week I am spotlighting June Foster and her latest book Give Us This Day. Stop by if you enjoy christian Romance and peruse for a chance to…


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Cell Phones or No Cell Phones for Kids? That is the Question.

Fall rollerblading?  Ask a sister or friend for help before calling me.

Parents often wonder what the appropriate age is to get a kid a cell phone. Some kids beg for one, claiming all their friends at school have them. Some parents feel it’s a safety…


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