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Top 5 Training Tips for Working Out at Home

Squeezing in a regular exercise routine into already crowded schedule can be really difficult. For a mom that already juggles work, house chores and kids it is even more complicated to stick to the goal of being fit. You know what we are talking about if you have ever paid for a gym membership, went a couple of days in the row, and then skipped one because you had to take your kid to the dentist. It all starts with that one day, and then you might as…


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Ideas to make kids birthday party a blast

 All parents enjoy, if not live, for making their children happy and cheerful. Of course, there is no better opportunity to get a big fill of your smiling child than a birthday party. The amount of creativity and energy parents can put into making every birthday party an unforgettable one for their precious child sometimes amazes the most artistic of souls. Among numerous ideas there are some proven ways that are sure to make…


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Sharing my personal Experience Pufies Diapers

I am a mother of a one year old child. Like any other new mom I have had my difficulties when my beautiful son was born. I have had different experiences and not good ones, about which I searched on the internet, specifically on the side effects and other circumstances that diapers might cause and have.  Even before him being born, I was reading all the time so I would know what to expect. I have read that even changing the diapers is very challenging.

As a result of this I…


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My experience with Pufies diapers

I was not impressed with cloth diapers and was looking for an alternative diaper for my 19 month old baby. When I was going through reviews on the Internet, I figured out that Pufies has received a lot of attention in the recent past. Therefore, I thought of spending my money in order to get a pack. I have been using them for the past couple of months and I am quite pleased with my decision. That’s why I thought of writing this article, in order to share my experience with Pufies…


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What's the Best Gift to Get Your Mom for Mother's Day?

Gifting expensive stuff is a true sign of love, care and affection. Every person would be happy to receive a gift wrapped in paper or ribbons to make it look conspicuous so that what’s inside is hidden and to extend the amount of time to know what's inside by intensifying one's…


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Ideas on How to decorate your home in budget

Home decoration is an essential thing that everyone takes into consideration. Everyone wants to see the change in life so why don’t we start it from our own home, our room. Decorating your home or room isn’t a big deal, but it also isn’t as easy as ABC. You need to think about the changing you need to search…


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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

The simplest way to answer the question would be– If you have invested in a pet, it is because you love him or her and therefore it is a very good idea for you to invest in pet insurance as well.

But in all fairness, the question still remains - is pet insurance worth it? While it is simple to…


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Chronicles of a High Needs Child


After 28 hours of labor, an erroneously placed catheter,  4 epidurals--enough tranquilizer to take out a horse, insentient vomiting, lack of…


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5 ways becoming a parent makes you morph into your parents


Many of us that grew up in ethnic families are well aware of the stereotypes that are automatically bestowed upon us.  My husband and I have found through the course of parenting our 2.5 year old daughter that we have become our parents in many respects/unknowingly.  Even…


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Why Is Identity Theft Rising Everyday And What You Need To Do?

According to a study released by Javelin Strategy & Research, $16 billion was stolen from 12.7 million US Consumers in the year 2014. Identity fraud has also claimed a victim every 20 seconds in the year 2014. Every aspect of identity theft has shown only an increasing trend in recent times.…


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Start Your Dream Business Today

Ladies for Limited Edition :

Take advantage of this special “ Create Your Dream Business Today “ Only & $97

During This powerful one-on-one session we’ll work together to..
=> Create a crystal clear…

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National Sibling Day. Do You Have Siblings & Are They Worth Celebrating?

Last week the internet celebrated National Sibling Day. I think it was primarily an online celebration, because my social feeds were full of childhood pre-digital photos of groups of siblings in 70s bellbottoms and bad haircuts. It was nice to see people celebrating the special relationship that siblings share. I’m one of those lucky people who counts her siblings among her best friends. Some of us Cole kids work together, all of us own a cottage together, and we enjoy the extended sibling…


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Autumn baby on the way or what you should do first before anything else?

You've got some good news! The arrival of your baby is approaching and you can't wait! There is an important matter to consider if the new life of your precious little thing begins in the Autumn months. There is a number of inconclusive studies on the correlation between the birth season of your newborn and their…


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How to buy Good Shoes for Cheap Prices?

Nothing makes you happier than a good pair of 4-inch pumps. If you are a firm believer in having a very decent shoe wardrobe you’d definitely search for the latest designs of footwear everywhere. Having a typical shoe wardrobe is just as significant as having a great closet filled with accessories and…


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4 Sexist Things From My Childhood That Bothered Me

Last week, actor and very cool Hollywood mama, Alyssa Milano, shared a post on her Pinterest about me.

That was very cool of her and I was absolutely delighted. Funny how the mind works, because that Pinterest share got me thinking about my childhood and the sexist things that I noticed and bothered me as a young girl. Bear with me, it will all come together:


So, Alyssa…


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Essential Tips: Proper Carpet Cleaning and Care

As a floor covering, carpets are subject to a great amount of dirt and dust every day. If special attention isn't paid, many carpets have to be prematurely replaced. Without proper treatment, your carpets will begin to look dirty and faded, and the fibers will start to lose their fullness. Regular… Continue

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Best Skin Care Products at Cheap Rates

You are on a budget and want to spend a smaller amount on beauty products, but you still wish for great results. From mascaras to cleansers, every product has its own importance in some specific field. You can buy any of product from anywhere but what makes the difference is that is it the best one of its…


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Make Your Own Natural Home Cleaners

It's more than easy to go to any supermarket in Sydney and buy a regular chemical cleaner. But commercial products with big labels and even bigger names (usually starting with Mega, Power, Heavy Duty), sold over the counter might be risky to you and your family's health. There are many reports of allergic…


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