Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SocialMoms Blog Network?

The SocialMoms Blog Network is a free community service provided as a member benefit. It drives traffic to participating member blogs that display the widget. Once the widget is installed on your blog, your latest posts will automatically be "broadcast" to any blog carrying the widget. Similarly, your blog will now contain a special section of links to other blogs participating in the SocialMoms Blog Network. This keeps your content fresh for visitors and helps introduce your readers to new, interesting content from other bloggers they're likely to enjoy.

Who participates in the SocialMoms Blog Network?

Currently, there are hundreds of member blogs participating in the SocialMoms Blog Network. Within days of launch, we tracked tens of thousands of widget views, delivering thousands of free, high-quality clicks across the network. The more blogs who participate, the more potential traffic there is for all participants.

What do I need to do for my new posts to show up?

There is nothing you need to do beyond installing the widget code on your blog (more on that below). You might want to ensure that your blog gets picked up by Google Blog Search, since that is what we use to create the content feed for the widget. If you search for your blog name or a recent post and it shows up in Google Blog Search, your posts will automatically get picked up by the SocialMoms Blog Network.

Help! I installed the widget but I don't see my blog!

The SocialMoms Blog Network widget is more like a newswire than it is a traditional blog roll. A blog roll lists participating blogs; the SocialMoms Blog Network dynamically updates with the latest posts from participating members. Whether you see your latest post in the widget or not depends on a lot of factors:  when Google Blog Search picks up your post and updates the feed our widget depends on, as well as how many other moms are publishing new posts around the same time. People viewing the widget across the network at different times may see lots of different posts in the feed. In addition, for performance reasons, we have limited the widget to pull only the most recent 20 posts across the network.

How can I resize the widget to fit my sidebar?

Depending on your skills and familiarity with web display technologies, resizing to the exact size and configuration you'd like is easy and takes just a few minutes. However, many people have struggled with this. I encourage you to view this thread (and the comments) to find SocialMoms Blog Network widgets pre-sized to work best with your layout. And while it was created to help Wordpress bloggers install the widget, I highly recommend anyone curous about widget installation view this video, developed by member Nancy Cavillones.

Getting started: Instructions

Getting a copy of the widget is easy. Hover your mouse over the widget below. Where you see "copy me" simply click, and you will see options for places to publish this widget automatically. Select the black plus (+) sign and copy the code. You can then paste this into your blog template:

Social Moms: The Influential Moms Network



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