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Answers to most common support questions for SocialMoms have been collected on our help page (controlling e-mail alerts and notifications, etc.). For more complex questions, we have a Help Group that can answer most of your questions about using this site and making the most of the community here. A little browsing around the Help Group will answer most questions in short order. You can also ask your fellow SocialMoms who would be glad to give you assistance.


SocialMoms Blog Network
One of our most popular features is the free SocialMoms Blog Network widget. Hundreds of members have added this widget to their blog. By carrying the widget on your blog, your new posts will show up across the network -- driving new traffic to your site. At the same time, your site automatically host relevant content from your fellow SocialMoms Blog Network members. All links open in new windows or tabs.


Advertising & Marketing Solutions
Our focus is on delivering fun, warm, welcoming place for moms to engage in discussions on topics of their choice. We try to keep advertising to a minimum.

R.A.M.B.O Alerts
In November 2008, we launched the first-of-its-kind newswire specially designed to connect marketers with a network of highly influential mom bloggers, without revealing any of your personal information to anyone. We dubbed the feature "RAMBO Alerts" -- where RAMBO is an acronym for "Reach A Mom Blogger Online". These alerts allow advertisers, marketers, publishers and journalists to reach out to our community in a spam-free way, offering up opportunities of special interest or economic benefit to mom bloggers.

We charge a fee for marketers to post a RAMBO Alert. This ensures that the marketer carefully considers what they're presenting to you. I also work with marketers to make sure their alert is relevant. We'd rather have a low volume of high quality alerts than a bunch of noise, and we work hard to keep RAMBO on target. If you're interested in a RAMBO listing, make sure it's an opportunity that our community of mom bloggers would find valuable -- an engaging topic and clear incentives are key. Otherwise, you can sponsor our newletters for a small fee if it turns out you really just want to run an ad.

RAMBO Alerts are a free member benefit for SocialMoms members who list a blog in their profile. You can unsubscribe at any time if you don't want to get these alerts. There is a link at the bottom of each alert we send using MailChimp, our newsletter service.

The name is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Peter Shankman's excellent HARO (Help A Reporter Out) list connecting journalist with experts willing to speak to the press on a wide variety of timely topics.


Featured Contributors

We spent considerable time reviewing hundreds of applications for featured contributors, and have made an initial round of selections in our core content categories. Featured contributors are volunteers, and as we get further along we will add more featured contributors from our membership. Stay tuned!

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