I've always been a wine drinker, but I feel since I've had a child it is now my go to drink of choice. BC (before child) I was a Jack and Coke girl. I would say I pretty much have at least a glass about 3-4 times a week and on weekends the glass count goes higher if I'm with friends or out to dinner. A glass in the evening after my son goes to sleep is a perfect way to wind down. How much do you consume on a weekly basis?

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It depends. I love wine, but rarely drink it if I don't have some well-priced wine on hand. If I've been to Trader Joe's and stocked up on Charles Shaw (famous "2 Buck Chuck" which is actually more here in VA), I'll enjoy between 1 and 4 glasses a night. At other times I'll go five days without a single glass (or beer, booze, etc.). Makes me happy to know that I'm not 'hooked.' I also find that when I'm traveling for work (I sell wine bags and my new wine glass holders at artsy-fartsy craft shows and wine festivals), I can easily go for days without because unless someone else is picking up the tab, I can't justify restaurant prices for wine. Even when someone else is picking up the tab, two glasses is my limit. It's just the principle of it. When money is no longer a concern, perhaps my frugal side will be less visible!

I normally have 3-4 glasses per week. For me, I love to drink wine while making dinner and enjoy having a glass with my husband. There was something on Oprah recently that said drinking wine (or any other alcohol for that matter) once or twice a day is actually good for your health. You should be drinking in a social situation or with other people though. I guess closet drinking doesn't improve health! LOL!
I have a glass or two a couple of times a week. If I am out to dinner with my in-laws then I am more likely to drink. I tend to be more of a social drinker. But on THOSE days (you know which ones I am talking about!), a glass or two of wine with dinner or after the little one goes to bed is a perfect way to relax.

The only time I drink wine in excess is on holidays with family or wine tasting with my in-laws.
When my daughter was younger, I had about 3-4 glasses a week. I think my tolerence isn't what it used to be. Now, I can drink maybe twice a week. Usually only on weekends. I love it, just can't do it as much!
I used to drink a small glass of red each night....alas...that was too many calories. I now only have some on the weekends.
I drink 2 times a week got a little shot,i agree w/ u theslickmom its my perpect way to wind down and in my tired body...Here in japan most of japanese man are drinkin at night and my hubby drink white wine everyday,i cost almost for me and my hubby a 5% of our mnthly salary!
Definitely perfect way to wind down. I usually have a few glasses 3-4 times a week - guess that makes me the wino in this discussion! If I'm going to cook a nice meal I enjoy a corresponding vino!
It really depends on my mood and what is going on. I may have 3-4 a week, or if I am traveling, I'll have a glass of wine with lunch and dinner each day. Other weeks, I may not even drink any.
well....i live a half hour from the california wine country - does this count as an excuse ? :)

i drink a glass a day, depending on season....mostly pinot, some french whites.... wine tasting is a common activity on weekends, and it seems everyone is in a wine group here and there !
Depends on my mood. I usually don't have more than 2 in a night, okay maybe 3 when the kids were aweful all day! Let's say maybe 3 - 6 glasses a week? Unless I'm having a bad week hehe
I didn't get into drinking wine's until just lately, about a year ago. My youngest child is 7, and yes, I still am at that point that I won't drink more than 1/2 a glass for fear that my daughter may need me and I want to be "aware" that she's needing me. lol.. Realy though, I drink on average, about 2-3 glasses of wine a week. Unfortunately though. for the next three weeks i will not be allowed to drink any at all. I am going through the process of trying to find out why I have headaches and going "cold turkey" on all over the counter meds (excedrin / advil) and cold turkey on all drinks known to 'enduce' headaches like wine / caffinated drinks / sugary drinks.. UGH.. so, I have to live vicariously through you all for the time being. lol
I dont drink as much as I used to... probably not even weekly any more. =( hehe





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