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My preference is for a pinot noir but I do on occasions go for a Chardonnay especially summer evenings.
Depends on the day!! (and what I'm eating!)
Bring on the Red!
White is nice, but I get a headache after 1-2 glasses. I guess that is not a bad thing, having to limit my consumption!
my true love has always been pinot noir, and in high summer a crisp sauvignon blanc can really send me to heaven, but strangely enough, as of late im finding that i crave the bolder reds, which i had never desired ever. syrah, and cabernets in particular. as a vegetarian i find they go well with legumes, dark rice. who knows ? :)
I personally prefer whites. Right now, it seems I have less of a "after" headache with the whites. But recently I have gotten hooked on the Moscato . It's very sweet (not nearly as sweet as an Ice Wine ) but sweet.
My all time fav's are: Barefoot (colorado) Moscato and pretty much anyone's White zinfandel. We rescently tried a red zinfandel that was fantastic too...
My thought is, if you are red OR white, you're not enjoying wine and food at full capacity for ideal pairings. Of course, taste is subjective, yet I think raw kumamoto oysters, delicate gravlax and lobster tail with drawn butter suffer a bit when paired with a red wine, unless it's pink!
Where do you purchase your grapes? Are you buying bulk? or growing them yourself? Best, Cj

Megan Calhoun said:
Don't get me started on Zin! My husband started making wine in 2004, partially to celebrate Oscar's birthday. It was a Zin, and it was AWESOME. We still make wine, but are running out of the Zin and have shifted to Cabs and Marsanne blends....
I like both. In the summertime I seem to gravitate towards whites unless we have a glass with steak. I love a glass of pinot grigios after my son has gone to sleep or a sauvignon blanc. In the winter I tend to gravitate more towards a pinot noir or a shiraz. I tend to like my wines on the drier side - nothing to sweet. Also, I'm not a big fan of bubbles in my wine ;)
I love reds, simply because of what they do for the heart. I like whites as well, but don't drink them often. I'm learning some new ones and all I can say is, "I LOVE this!" lol...
Both! My favorite is Sonoma Cutrer Chardonnay, but I have many back-ups! I also like La Crema Pinot Noir.
I drink more white than red, its hot most of the year in texas so a nice chilled white wine goes well. I drink red around the holidays nov-jan mostly. one of my fave brands of red is marques de caceres. they make rioja and shiraz i think its a spanish brand.


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