The husband & I went wine tasting many years ago pre-children. At one of the wineries we sampled a Port. We were relatively sure that the man that was pouring for us was the winery owner since it was a very small winery and every time he poured some for us, he poured some for himself! But what I remember most was, after we'd sampled all the other wines, he gave us each a piece of dark chocolate (like Dove), told us to let it melt on our tongues, and then drink some of the Port. It was AMAZINGLY delicious.
Give it a try sometime. Even with regular Reds this is quite tasty. As some of the moms discovered at TMWC event on Friday!

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not sure if I have... is it a dessert wine?
Port is very different. There are some that are traditional, some that taste like chocolate covered cherries, etc. They can be made from all different types of grapes - cabernet, cab franc, zin, etc.

Try a few before you decide if you like port or not.

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Port. YES! love it after dinner. especially in the winter, it can just warm you right up!! wonderful!

Unfortunately, I have never had a port I liked...way too sweet and too heavy. I have found port to be one of those things people either really like, or really hate. And, no, it wasn't the low grade crap...I tried several high grade versions...I am picky about that! My point being, if you like it, great, and if you haven't tried it, you should, just be is not everyone cup of tea.

I like Tawny port. I actually like a lot of them :) I usually have a bottle around here but haven't re-upped yet.





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