I have noticed that when I go to Retweet for folks, the discussion is very cluttered with folks reporting that they have retweeted messages. I too have been guilty but have stopped because I realized when you retweet a message, the person can check all things associated with their tweet id and can see just who has retweeted them on Twitter.

For the sake of ease when helping one another, can we just add retweets to the weekly discussions. Folks who want to thank those who retweeted can do so on Twitter.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Peace. Love. Light.

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Thank you Adiaha,

Is there any way we could add a group hashtag to tweets like #TTP (Twitter This Please) so we can just do a search in twitter and click re-tweet? It would be so much easier than cutting & pasting which takes me a lot of time with my computer - 5 min versus 30.
totally agree on this. It makes perfect sense. The person whose tweet you have RT'd will know. That's all that needs to be said.

It keeps the thread shorter and the RT's become clearly visible!!
I think we should add this little instruction to the post which starts the retweets for the week. Great contribution!


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