Retweet This Please for week 6/19- 6/25. Please RT others if they RT you!!

hi everyone! This week's RTs will run from Sunday 6/19- 6/25

We are starting a new week every Sunday
Please don't forget to RT at least one thing from anyone who has rt'd your  tweets to keep our group going strong!

As an FYI, the comment wall has been removed because people were posting RTs there and that's not how this group works.  


Relevancy to your audience has become a topic here.. please read the thread about it.. and think about it.

Because  if you are tweeting only things skewed to small children.. and others who don't have a small children audience may not be able to retweet something of yours. Think about what else you could include as a post or rt of someone else's blog that you would find relevant. (cooking, fashion, health, fitness. )

 if you retweet things like that from OTHERS.. not only will you have something different to post but you will be building a bigger broader following and will be doing smart social media tactics

have a wonderful week!! karma people!


 Don't forget to add    @lastory/mommy-bloggers     to retweet to the list of mommy bloggers. It's REALLY important.  to do this
Please read the notes below

1) 140 characters + spaces .. including RT @yourtwittername

2) If you post a RT and it gets RT'd
you have to RT something from the person who RT'd your post

3) if you have a limited time RT please indicate that it has a deadline. Please include a
because posting after a sale is over or a contest is over wastes the time of the person who posts it, RTs it and also the consumer who clicks on the link and finds that the event is long done.

4) Please do not keep listing the same RTs repeatedly. Either change up your tweet title or alternate weeks that you list them.

When you repeatedly run the same content on Twitter over and over again, Twitter views it as spam and they can boot you off for running that same content. We don't want that to happen.
If it's a contest, that's not a problem because it ends.

 However REGULAR posts, should not be RT'd repeatedly every week.

5) please use URL shorteners and also you can
advance schedule posts & TWEETS across the week. --  that's important.

 Don't  dump all your tweets at one time.. you lose the advantage  of twitter and get some exposure to a variety of people at different times of the days..


 6) Please  do NOT Post about politically charged topics.

by posting about tea party, pro-choice/life,  this is not the spot for  political perspectives. It  can cause your post NOT to be RT'd and also cause problems on twitter. we want  twitter to like us.. and to like you.. and that you get lots of followers. to do that, you have to play nice. 


7) please try to post on a variety of topics.

If you only post about baby or children's things, less people will RT them, fewer people will read them on twitter. You narrow your audience. By including broader range of posts, you increase your audience/readership potential.

8) if you have any questions just ask us!! thank you,


9) Others have mentioned this-- Tweet dumping where you post everything at the same time. Twitter calls this spamming when you dump a slew of tweets all at the same time. PLEASE use one of the programs where you can schedule the posting of the tweets. you can do them 15 mins apart and get them all done for a week if you want.... including your own. Just a thought there because some people will QUIT posting your RTs if you are dumping their RTs all at the same time. Note that I use the hootsuite and socialoomph all the time to spread them out..

it's EASY..

Shelley & Stevie

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Thanks in advance!


Today 6/19 only:

RT @rweinstein6 Last day! "Nashoga" ebook FREE when you use coupon code TW55Q at checkout! Ends 6/19!


RT @Wendys: RT for a good cause this #FathersDay. Each RT sends 50¢ to help children in foster care. #TreatItFwd


Rest of the week:

RT @rweinstein6 Hey Nashoga fans! Get an exclusive peek into the second in the Redstone Series!


RT @rweinstein6 Just launched a new site dedicated to The Redstone Series. Check it out and tell me what you think!


RT @rweinstein6 Daily Author's Quote: "Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement." ~C. S. Lewis

PLZ RT: and Human Touch and Calf for !
Thanks ladies!

Here are mine for the week


RT @fabshoppingmom 4 Tips to Cut Back on Food Expenses #money #savings #FB


RT @fabshoppingmom {Home Decorating & Style} Decorating Your Fireplace for the Spring and Summer


Fashion #Giveaway! Win a $25 Gift Card to @LOFT for summer apparel from @FabShoppingMom and @WhoWhatWear! #style


RT @fabshoppingmom 5 iPad Apps for Kids

Hi ladies,

Hope you had a great weekend and a great father's day!!


Here are mine for the week


RT@Ourfamilyworld: Are family centered c-sections becoming a new trend?

RT@Ourfamilyworld @ AlwaysOutdoors:How to have a fun #camping weekend.

RT@Ourfamilyworld : Choosing a car on a budget : tips and tricks

RT@Ourfamilyworld : 5 Best California Campgrounds.

RT@Ourfamilyworld, @nutritiouseats: Un-Ice Cream Sunday recipe &Peanut butter banana bite: Healthy snacks for kids.


Thanks everyone



Everyone has been RT'd ill check back later for anyone that has added any. Have a great week everyone.


RT@booklane Want a fun summer read? Pick up the Kindle version of Stilettos & Scoundrels for 2.99


RT@bookchics Read a captivating story of one woman’s spiral into depression get your ebook copy of fragments today for 1.99


RT@booklane Raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis pick up the ebook of The MS Project 2.99


RT@bookchics Join Chiczofrenic – the everyChics resource guide to discovering the best version of you.


RT@booklane Good beach read Stilettos & Scoundrels ebook 2.99


RT@bookchics Help Presley Thurman solve the mystery in Stilettos & Scoundrels


RT@booklane Will Cooper win Presley’s heart? Read Stilettos & Scoundrels ebook 2.99


RT@bookchics Who killed the Senator? Will Presley figure it out?  Read Stilettos & Scoundrels ebook 2.99

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend and Father's Day for those who celebrated.
This is an great idea! Here are my tweets for the week:

RT @MagneticWoman "3 Sensual Power Secrets to EXUDE JUICY, FEMININE, MAGNETIC Energy!

RT @MagneticWoman 3 Sensual Secrets to Radiating IRRESISTIBLE CONFIDENCE [free audio]

RT @MagneticWoman "7 Great Places to Meet Quality Men on Autopilot" - Direct download here

RT @MagneticWoman BE IRRESISTIBLE & MAGNETIC this summer "Sensuality Summer School" is here

RT @MagneticWoman Take the LOVE & RELATIONSHIP Check Up Quiz

Thank you so much!


I'm  not entirely sure I follow this twitter list concept. When I post new tweets here do I have to format them like this for it to work now?


RT  @lastorymommybloggers  @mpjerseygirl  Win a Wreck This Journal prize pack - art for everyone LOW ENTRIES

Hi Ladies!  

Here are my tweets for this week!

RT @lastorymommybloggers @MommyMindSpa Have U had your Mom-ME Moment today? U deserve a quiet moment! Here's fun tips


RT @lastorymommybloggers @MommyMindSpa Change the way you look at food. Easiest weight loss! I did it ... U can too -->


Thanks a MILLION!!  I'm going to schedule all of your right now ...


Ro :)


RT@JenShelton68 The Blogger Networking #TwitterParty Thurs. 6/23 @ 9p.m. ET RSVP Now! @JenShelton68 @Blogelina @Angie76


Thank you!!

I have scheduled everyone to tweet throughout the day!
Everybody's RT/scheduled

Hi Denise

If your tweet is really mommy/family oriented, using the @lastorymommybloggers  is a good way to hit your target audience.. because it's just floating by the rest of the people who are ignoring it..

If it's general-- like the camping RT that was earlier and some of the books, the  LOFT contest.. that's for anyone!!



Denise P said:

I'm  not entirely sure I follow this twitter list concept. When I post new tweets here do I have to format them like this for it to work now?


RT  @lastorymommybloggers  @mpjerseygirl  Win a Wreck This Journal prize pack - art for everyone LOW ENTRIES


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