Retweet This Please for week 7/17 7--7/23 ( Sun to Sat) . Please RT others if they RT you!!

 Please READ this as some CHANGES have been made;


Post to the WEEKLY threads please.
If you start a post outside those threads-- it will be copied over and your singular post will be deleted. Read the rules and play according to the rules--- and you will find your stuff retweetd


  if you want 411 about Triberr.. which is an auto-tweeter.. that you can select groups and tribes not only from people here but by topic ..  please let me know. They have lots of parenting and specific topic blogs and you can join more than one tribe.  


Relevancy to your audience has become a topic here.. please read the thread about it.. and think about it.

Because  if you are tweeting only things skewed to small children.. and others who don't have a small children audience may not be able to retweet something of yours. Think about what else you could include as a post or rt of someone else's blog that you would find relevant. (cooking, fashion, health, fitnes, travel, books, tv shows )

 if you retweet things like that from OTHERS.. not only will you have something different to post but you will be building a bigger broader following and will be doing smart social media tactics


 if you want to reach a larger audience based on the people here, please add @lastory/mommy-bloggers     to retweet to the  a larger list of mommy bloggers that goes beyond 

 It's targets your audience better.

Please read the notes below

1) 140 characters + spaces .. including RT @yourtwittername

2) the game plan is that you list the posts you would like RT'd.. and if someone specific RTs it, you should be Rt'ing something of theirs.


3) if you have a limited time RT please indicate that it has a deadline. Please include a
because posting after a sale is over or a contest is over wastes the time of the person who posts it, RTs it and also the consumer who clicks on the link and finds that the event is long done.

4) Please do not keep listing the same RTs repeatedly. Either change up your tweet title or alternate weeks that you list them.

When you repeatedly run the same content on Twitter over and over again, Twitter views it as spam and they can boot you off for running that same content. We don't want that to happen.
If it's a contest, that's not a problem because it ends.

 However REGULAR posts, should not be RT'd repeatedly every week.

5) please use URL shorteners  (,, and also you can
advance schedule posts & TWEETS across the week. --  that's important.


 6) Please  do NOT Post about politically charged topics.

by posting about tea party, pro-choice/life,  this is not the spot for  political perspectives. It  can cause your post NOT to be RT'd and also cause problems on twitter. we want  twitter to like us.. and to like you.. and that you get lots of followers. to do that, you have to play nice. 


7) please try to post on a variety of topics.

If you only post about baby or children's things, less people will RT them, fewer people will read them on twitter. You narrow your audience. By including broader range of posts, you increase your audience/readership potential.

I am not telling you what to post. if your blog is ONLY about moms and small kids-- those whose kids are grown, might not RT your things.. just as you might not RT  one of theirs.. so it's  something to balance..

8) if you have any questions just ask us!! thank you,


9) Others have mentioned this-- Tweet dumping where you post everything at the same time. Twitter calls this spamming when you dump a slew of tweets all at the same time.


PLEASE use one of the programs where you can schedule the posting of the tweets. you can do them 15 mins apart and get them all done for a week if you want.... including your own.


Just a thought there because some people will QUIT posting your RTs if you are dumping their RTs all at the same time. Note that I use the hootsuite and socialoomph all the time to spread them out..

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RT @tammywjones < 4 hrs on auction of profitable mom entrepreneur site Great domain! pls rt!

everyone has been scheduled..

for the newbies.. WELCOME

also.. you don't have to add in the mommy-blogger tag unless it's directly about being a mom or children

Erin.. your last post was too long. please redo it for 140 characters & spaces.


This blog post is part 1 of 3. The next one will be out tomorrow. It is a heartfelt post that made me shed a few tears.

Thank you so much!


RT@thiscelticmuse blog post..This Celtic Muse: Autism, Harry Potter and A Mother's Love for Her Son...


okay thank you.. sorry for the confusion on my part.. will do properly in the future... NFLD is "newfoundland" .. canadian province.. I'm actually from Newfoundland.. :0)

stacey marmolejo said:

what is NFLD? I followed your link, but could 't tell.  I check every link before I RT. 


Rock mamma

stevie said:

RT @MissDailyDawn **New Design** NFLD Rocks Ladies Tank Top #apparel #fashion #clothing


TO DAWN-- please do not start separate threads for your tweets. put them in the weekly threads please-- or they will be deleted.

This one has been copy-pasted over for you. Everyone else participates this way.. please do the same.

Newfoundland is a canadian province :0)

stevie said:

 everyone is scheduled..


and what doesthis mean?  what is NFLD?

I am with Stacey.. have no clue.. and you don't explain it-- uh duh. I guess it's just a brand.

RT @burbursfriends Join Us! Tell Childhood Obesity to “Take a Hike!” #kidlit #childhoodobesity #healthyliving

Thanks everyone - Have a wonderful week!!

Thanks stevie!  Try this again :)


RT @inthelimelife Choose safe ingredients for young skin

RT @inthelimelife Companies are pretending to have organic and safe products

RT @inthelimelife In July-Certified Organic Botanical Perfumes 50% off w/150 pt. order checkout promo code 'perfume50'


Erin Hale said:

Hi all!  I'm Erin and I'd like to participate!


Here's my tweets:


RT @inthelimelife Choose safe ingredients for young skin

RT @inthelimelife Companies are pretending to have organic and safe products

RT @inthelimelife July Special-All Certified Organic Botanical Perfumes 50% off w/any 150 point order-checkout promo code 'perfume50'




RT @la-story Spartacus & Torchwood Are Starz at Comic-Con Today!!


retweeting and scheduling people.. not done yet

RT @FunAndFabLife Am I the Hottest Bride? Then Vote for me in the Hot Summer Showdown:



Hi. this person posted this on a separate thread.. I have copied it here and deleted the extra thread..

so.. if you are the person who wrote this, please note the guidelines and READ THEM.. because it's very clear to post retweets in weekly threads and not create separate threads. You can put all the extra 411   you need in this space.. but please don't create extra threads


My husband and I have two beautiful boys together and finally were able to save up and have the wedding day of our dreams. Unfortunately, we weren't left with enough money to enjoy a honeymoon together since we have a mortgage and two kiddos to provide for. I always dreamt of going to a romantic vacation in Jamaica or somewhere in the Caribbean, but it's pretty expensive! Luckily, a radio station in our area is doing a contest (The Hottest Bride Showdown) and the winner gets a Honeymoon to a Sandals Resort in Jamaica!! How perfect is that? (You can VOTE FOR ME HERE!!) Only problem is, I have to get the most votes to win and not many people out there are willing to take the time to vote for someone they don't even know. So if anyone has a few moments to vote for me, I would absolutely be thrilled! If not, I completely understand. I just figured my fellow mom's out there would understand more than anyone how difficult it is to save up money for a vacation, not to mention it's nice to get a little break alone with the husband every once and a while. We had children very early on in our relationship and haven't gotten much one-on-one time. So if you could help a momma out, I would appreciate it more than you could imagine

RT @Burbursfriends  Liking Hiking – Having Fun With Kids Because ....     

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

i have scheduled or rt'd everyone to this point. here is one more from me:


I'm going schedule everyone's tweets again :0) Happy Friday... I did retweet 2 days ago and I would just like to thank everyone who retweeted mine... and I'mn really loving this group.. have an awesome weekend everyone.. Stay Safe :0)


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