''Retweet This Please for the week: 03/04 to 03/09, If you post a RT, you need to RT someone else PLEASE' i


tweets can not be longer than 140 characters + spaces .. including RT @yourtwittername & shortened URL you are tweeting

Twitter is becoming more vigilant about how peope are tweeting.-- I have seen more people booted off recently-- meaning please carefully contruct your tweets so you aren't spamming people You need to RT something from someone else.. at least 1-2 things.. If you post one thing-- then RT one thing. If you use this list regularly, try varying up what you RT.-- and if everyone RTs your post.. you kind of have to deal with the karma of it all. meaning.. please find something of everyone's to RT because if you don't, they won't continue to RT you.

. .. if you don't RT on a fairly even basis (like you post 8 RTs and you only RT one back.. that's not even.. however if you post 6 and RT 3, that's more even. get it?)

Other Notes 1) Post to the WEEKLY threads please. If you start a post outside those threads-- it will be copied over and your singular post will be deleted. Read the rules and play according to the rules--- and you will find your stuff retweeted

2)Relevancy to your audience has become a topic here.

if you are tweeting only things skewed to small children.. and some stuff that I post (and others) might not be completely releveant to you-- there is a LIST that's been created JUST for mom/kid stuff.

Add this @lastory/mommy-bloggers to your post if you are doing a child/parent/mommy skewed post.-- it reaches at about 100 mommy-bloggers whose following are pretty substantial.

Have another topic you want to target? We can make up another list. But if want a topic to be added, that's easy. You can create it yourself for your own blog too.

4) want to increase your followers?

Think about what else you could post about-- beyond just kids.. (cooking, fashion, health, fitness, travel, books, tv shows )

You don't have to write all the content-- but you could RT someone else's blog post (either from this group or someone that is part of your twitter following & include them in the @theirtwittername -- but that blogger will love it.. and her following will start following you if you do it consistently. you will be building a bigger broader following and will be doing smart social media tactics

5) if you have a limited time RT please indicate that it has a deadline.

Please include a DO NOT POST AFTER XX/XX date.. PLEASE note if you have a time limit. if you are RT-ing.. see if there's a time limit. Tweeps get ticked off seeing something RT'd that's clearly past the deadline.. and Twitter is getting iffy about it too.

6) Please do not post the same tweets every week. Either change up your tweet title or alternate weeks that you list them. it's spamming to post the same exact tweet every single week -- except if it's a contest .. (and even that can be changed) Twitter has been booting people who post the same thing all the time.

7) Use URL shorteners (hootsuite.com, socialoomph.com, twaitter.com) -- and don't forget the bonus of advance schedule posting across the week. that makes it easier for you to tweet everyone and then everyone will tweet you

8) Please do NOT Post about politically charged topics. I don't have to explain why do I

9).. a thought. while we don't know each other as friends.. in this group.. there is something to be said about following the people in this group.. everyone following each other simply because of the expanded reach of the connected networks.. you would have access to my network of people.. I would have access to yours. If you choose not to follow people.. that's ok.. but do realize that if you aren't following someone-- that you still should be RTing their posts.. and most especially if they are RTing yours.

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Finally made it on early in the week. Feels a bit lonely but here goes...


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Welcome everyone!! Everyone is scheduled or tweeted!!

@Lorraine: thanks for making it this week!!

My tweets: 

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 You are all scheduled.

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Celebrity Style Slam #2 Rooney Mara Hits the Oscars Red Carpet ! via

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up to here

Thanks in advance for the help!

RT@coolchillmom Crafty Kids Playhouse Cottage! -friendly educational and creative fun!


RT@coolchillmom #passeshttp://bit.ly/xIxL0H



@ Taty: welcome to the group. I will be happy to tweet your tweets but they are slightly over 140 characters. Can you shorten them a bit please. thanks.

 Thanks for catching that Olfa!!

 also you need to separate Hashtags with a space otherwise they won't register as a hashtag but one BIG single hashtag.


Thanks Stevie! I love how you change my tweets.

Some more if you have room: 

Want to #save money on meat? Why don't you try the #mushroom swapability technique? http://ow.ly/9x46l via@ourfamilyworld

RT @Kakief Day 12: Permission to Relax, Play, Have Fun and Trust | Kakie Writes     

 these are done. I iwll post the recent stuff for me tomorrow






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