Need a ReTweet for your posts? Post them HERE for the week ending June 13, 2010

Want to get some ReTweets?

Here's how.-- Please note some updates on this list


Please post your 140 character (or less) message that you'd like
others to tweet about in the Discussion Forum thread "

Retweets for the Week".

A new discussion with this title will be posted every Sunday so we know which retweets are current

Specifics: Tips to be sure you get the Re-tweets:




1) Use RT @yourtwittername Dont exceed 140 characters to ensure you get re-tweeted ( that includes spaces, RT@yourtwittername too!) :

Your post to twitter this please should look like this example below:


Example: RT @julieFBT Have u declared the American Cancer Society as the official sponsor of your birthday?


How to POST a RT

-- copy/paste what you see on the listings and   using any of the  means available to you (twitter,, hootsuite, twaitter, socialoomph or sharethis)  and make sure you have the complete RT copied:
 It should look like this when you paste it in


Example: RT @julieFBT Have u declared the American Cancer Society as the official sponsor of your birthday?


Using twitter incorrectly can cause people not to follow you or to lose followers.   Posting just a url -- not shortening a URL- not indicating what it's about could  do that.

Example: ( from twitter --  this was a "RT" )


no @thetwittername, no shortened url, no comment like "sounds yummy"..


WHY is it incorrect/ could cause problems?

 People won't be sure you aren't giving them a bad link-- or giving them a trojan horse. There's a lot of malware going on out there; no one wants to be  taken to a porn site or be told they have contracted a virus.

Be careful in what you are reading and what you are posting

just an fyi..


In case u want 2 know  more-- hit me via email


3 Shorten your URL by using, hootsuite, twaiter or Please be specific in the description. (ie dont write "read this post or blog" )

4)Indicate time-sensitive  posts if limited time or one day only sales.


5) Pre-schedule your tweets using twitter apps like, twaitter or  hootsuite, that allow you to schedule out your posts across the day which gives YOU & the RTs you do more visibility  And it prevents you from spamming the board with the same posts over and over again.

6) RT's should be of value to your followers Twitter and social media is supposed to be a tool for CONVERSATION. (Sample meaningful content, a great video, good information or something
from someone else that you think has  value ..I think you get the idea. :)  Even if it's not yours-- but you found it useful or helpful.. please post it.


7)Twitter reserves the right to cancel or suspend accounts that seem like SPAM so take time to delete them later

8)Do not try to sell your products and services to others, that isn't the point/purpose  of social media. You can post information like this on your page.

9) Do not ask for feedback about your blog or business or put full blog posts on this page


10)_The number of RT's you list here. Be careful and mindful of the number of re- tweets you are asking people post so they don't get upset -- meaning you can post 5-6 if you don't post every day, and they should be significantly different (not just rehash of the same tweet)

however re-writes of the same tweet can be posted for a different day.

do you see the difference?

11)Members can pick or choose wich messages they would like to retweet. Evaluate your tweets.   However if you choose to skip someone entirely for whatever reason, and they are RTing you.. you should do more than post a "thanx for the RT" on twitter. Pick something of theirs to RT.

Karma is alive and well on this board.

Some people have quit because they aren't getting even remotely the # of RTs compared to what they are posting


12) Put the  "thanks 4 the  RT @yournamehere here on this board. "

Dont ask someone to tweet  and then just post a "RT @theirname here thanks for the retweet"  on twitter.. unless you are rt'ing entire post-- that's social media savvy but also cut the RT down a bit.  


If you do post a  @theirtwittername , thx for the RT, please RT some post of theirs

Fair is fair.. if they are rting you.. you need to rt them.-- otherwise you are missing the point of this entire group. It's about the synergy of the group posting everyone's posts.


13) Reciprocate When you give, you get and others will retweet you if this is done   Please note that if you don't RT the post from others who have RT'd yours, you will notice that they will stop RT for you. karma, baby, karma!


14) Where possible add the hashtag  #twittermoms

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Hello ladies:)
Please RT@Born2impress Alegria Shoes Giveaway 2- Winners:

All tweeted up through Jennifer :-)
Hi Dania, I'm glad to hear things turned out well. I hope there will not be anymore scares.

Dania Padron said:
I've got everyone who requested RTs after my post last night tweeted or scheduled.

Thank you Stevie and Cindy for your comments. It was very scary, but turned out to have a simple solution and he's all better now. Sometimes God has a quirky sense of humor and we just have to roll with the punches.
Hi Jennifer, I have this scheduled.

jenniffer17 said:
Hello ladies:)
Please RT@Born2impress Alegria Shoes Giveaway 2- Winners:

Hi Julia, I scheduled this using stlDenise's version

Julia Windsor said:
scheduled for you!

Single Rose said:
Hi ladies - here's mine:

Rt @tammywjones "Mommy Millionaire, do you have it?" on a Mom Entrepreneur: #amom #blogher10

RT @tammywjones Win $1,050 Ad Campaign, Tell Me About Your Site or Blog on a Mom Entrepreneur: #blogher10 #amom PLS RT

RT @tammywjones Social Media Marketing Services $50 per month on a Mom
Entrepreneur: #blogher10 #amom

stlDenise said:
RT @ stldenise Cute pillows from Sorrisi make the Tooth Fairy's job easier.

Thanks in advance! I'll start scheduling some tweets for everyone here!

Shannon Palmer said:
I have two at the moment that I would appreciate retweeted please.

RT @momstateofmind Fibers Fathers Day T-Shirt #giveaway Ends 6/10 #Twittermoms

RT @momstateofmind Flirty Diva Tees Womens Tee #giveaway Ends 6/15 #Twittermoms
RT @stldenise Summer fountain fun and tips

Thanks gals!
This is a time-sensitive one and is only good until midnight 6/9/10

RT @TheKFashionista Link up to our "Caring is Always in Fashion" blog hop benefiting #missionmonkey
RT @ExaminerWriter2 Father's Day craft ideas (#family #parenting #crafts) -

RT @ExaminerWriter2 Bible History Online: A #FREE resource you'll love (#homeschool) -

RT @ExaminerWriter2 #FREE #Preschool Summer Fun download: Geometrical Shapes (#Homeschool #Parenting) -
Denise, I tweeted your RT, and I scheduled Lynda's for this afternoon and evening :-)





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