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The power of word of mouth adversiting is key online especially  with Twitter.  Want others to tweet your blog posts, contests, or sales? Join & be prepared to  Tweet the posts of others as they Tweet yours! . Please list it here.

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Guidelines for Our Awesome Group-- How to create a RT, post it &

 If you have a site, blog or biz, you want to get the latest news out about it- then you have come to the right place. . This group specifically helps you do that! Below are the directions on how to post RT (re-tweets)

Note that there are very specific things you need to do and they are posted on each weekly thread-- and are modified as things/the web/digital engagement tools evolve.


The most important part of this group is that if you post here, others will retweet your post-- but there's a catch. You need to retweet their posts as well.

While not every post/tweet will be perfect for everyone's blog, audience or site, there's a way to get around that -- via lists (and  there is one created just for mommy-bloggers here.. that include more than just socialmom mommy-bloggers but give you a wider reach)


Realize that by posting beyond  your scope of topic, you can draw in other people, readers whose network might include people who are a perfect fit for your tweets. It's called engagement, reach and many other things. See the weekly threads on how to do this in detail.

1). You need to post within the weekly threads

2) you need to use your @twittername and you need to preface it with RT@yourtwittername.

3) don't forget 140 characters includes spaces.


A new discussion with this title will be posted every Sunday so we know which retweets are current


WWondering how to write a retweet or a tweet: here's an example.

Your post to twitter this please should look like this example below:
RT @julieFBT Have u declared the American Cancer Society as the official sponsor of your birthday?


Please be specific in the description. (ie don't write "read this post or blog" Tell someone what it's about. example: "Check this post abt great holiday meals r less"

 If you don't follow the guidelines about constructing a tweet-- your post won't  be run by the group.. or someone might rewrite it but it doesn't guarantee accuracy.
The group here won't post those type of RT requests.

How to POST a RT on

Try to use one of the various social media tweeting tools to schedule in advance and thus you aren't dumping a ton of tweets at the same time (some consider that tweet-spamming).

It helps create more visibility for your twitter account if you spread them across several hours
copy/paste what you see on the listings and using any of the means available to you : ;,--these will not appear on FB bec of some bot issues there;,

the BOLDED 3 allow you to shorten URLS + advance schedule your posts up to 5 mins or even do repeat scheduling of your or other posts for days ahead.

If you are RTing the same post 3 different ways each day -- that's going to blow your twitter status and could hurt those who RT for you as well.

RTs should be of value to your followers Twitter and social media is supposed to be a tool for CONVERSATION.
(Sample: meaningful content, a great video, good information or something from someone else that you think has value ..I think you get the idea.) .

Twitter reserves the right to cancel or suspend accounts that seem like SPAM so take time to delete them later.

Do not try to sell your products and services to others in this group. That isn't the point/purpose of social media: you can post information like this on your page.


Do not ask for feedback about your blog or business or put full blog posts on this page.

Members can pick or choose wich messages they would like to retweet. Evaluate your tweets -- if you put up a bunch of things on the same topic a person might choose just to run one of your tweets.

Posting a "thanx for the RT" on twitter is not enough. RT something of each person who has RTed your posts.

Where possible add the hashtag #socialmoms


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