Hello all! I am sharing my goal with you, and hopefully you can help me to achieve it!
I would like to be able to reach 500 followers by Dec.31,2010. If you would
like to help me achieve my goal....simply follow my blog by clicking on the Follow Me! button on my blog: http://www.chellescreativeexpressions.blogspot.com - and I will follow you in return! I am happy to be a part of this wonderful group of women, and feel that being here can only benefit my goals, for my blog...for my business...for my interests. I am posting this to every group I have joined, in an effort to reach as many as possible to help me obtain my goal of 500 followers. Thank You for helping! -'Chelle

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Just started to follow you! Good luck with your goal - hope you will follow back!


Hi 'Chelle,

I'm following you and I left a comment. You can tick off one more towards your goal.






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