I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I had a great weekend as well with my family. So the biggest challenge I seem to be facing with my kids has to do with my 14 year old daughter. I feel like we are not even related because of how distant she is. It honestly seems like the only thing she cares about is Facebook, she lives and breathes it...her eyes are permanently glued to a screen, whether it's her computer or her phone. I can never so much as get a few words in before she blatantly ignores me! It's the most frustrating thing ever! I feel like I have tried everything to get her to stop, though lately it has been really bad. I've tried punishing her, rationally speaking to her, giving her her "space," taking her out, and a few other things but no luck. I honestly feel like I am at a stand still with my own daughter. What should I do to get across to her?

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I didn't talk to my father from the age of 13 to 18. No specific reason, he just didn't understand where I was coming from and I felt we had nothing in common. Of course there wasn't Facebook back then but the phone was surgically implanted in my ear so not really different. Don't take it personally. She is going through a rough time in terms of hormones, finding out who she is, boys probably and all the other things that go along with becoming a woman. It's a hell of a ride and sadly for you young women can be really moody. My advice would be to give her the space she needs, be there when she needs you without making her feel guilty and just loving her. Unless she is getting in to trouble I wouldn't punish her for her behavior. That said you can certainly limit her time on Facebook, though if you haven't done this before it will be a challenge to implement the changes now. Good luck.

Oh, and after I hit 18 my dad and I became best friends. Turns out we had a lot in common.

"young women can be really moody," tell me about it! Thank you, this makes me feel much better, I try to give her as much space as possible while still maintaining the relationship. I am beginning to limit her facebook access. That's great that it worked out for your father and you!





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