ok. tarot is totally bizarre for me. rather, it is eerily accurate when i read for others. sometimes i don't want to read for them because of how much i suddenly know.

it's even harder to read for myself because i quite often interpret stuff the way i want to, but i know deep-down what the real meaning is.

and then of course, it all happens as it should.

i know zero about other occult stuff though i do read my horoscope!

anyone else read tarot?

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Now Tarot I just cannot get my head round. Surely it is all so random! I've had cards read that seem eerily accurate but then they could seem accurate at any time depending on how we want to perceive them.
I can go much more for intuition, the spirit world and ESP, that sort of stuff. Too many things have happened to just dismiss them for me...could go on forever on this subject!
darkfairymomma said:
it's been quite a while since i've done any readings but, like megan said, the interpretations could've been tweaked to whatever was going on at the time so i was never really sure if i was reading them right.
whoops - i didn't see the dialogue box up here.

hmm. my tarot readings seem to point to really specific things and people. so i might read (for someone) - and tell her, a man in his 40s or 50s is going to come into your life and cause a lot of changes, it's likely to stress you out - maybe keep you up late. and you'll be really worried about money. it's going to feel like you are taking from peter to pay paul (as they say).

or i might say, there's a wedding coming up.

or you're thinking of leaving your job and starting a new business - or this relationship might work if you weren't so selfish...

stuff that i probably shouldn't say, but it's almost always right.

i recently read for a friend who was thinking about moving - and i told him he'd have to be careful if he moved near his parents, because his family could eat him up. but if he moved back to the east coast, he'd have to deal with a lot of office politics and backstabbing.

he chose to ignore the information - but i've found that even people who say that what i say makes no sense - come back afterwards and tell me it all unfolded that way.

that said, you're right - there are some things one can read in an open-ended way and they generally can be applied widely.

and it is almost impossible to read properly for yourself. because everyone sees what they want to see.

esp - i'm not sure. i can often, if i meditate, find lost stuff for people or tell them if their bf/gf is still in love with them. but i can't predict lottery numbers or anything really useful like that : )

and in the end, who wants to know that the person he/she's in love with is not in love back?

what kind of spirit world stuff do you encounter? i never find anything there.

Ameena said:
darkfairymomma said:
it's been quite a while since i've done any readings but, like megan said, the interpretations could've been tweaked to whatever was going on at the time so i was never really sure if i was reading them right.
I do tarot for myself but I prefer to use my angel or goddess cards.
cool - what do you mean by designing spells? i don't know anything about spells.

miss_michaele said:
When I first started reading Tarot (wow, 14 years ago now!), the deck would suck up to me all the time: tell me exactly what I wanted to hear - even when other people were reading for me - and then all the good stuff foretold would fall apart. Finally went to a rootworker who gave me an involved, but elegant, spell to do. It worked - slowly but surely. Haven't tried reading for myself in a long time; I rely mostly on dreams and other omens for my own future.

I do read tarot for others, though, and I do rely on it when designing spells.
I haven't read tarot for a while but will soon get back into it. I am getting a feel to leave it for now. I am concentrating on astrology. Soon I will add discussions in relation to astrology and numerology which will be quite intriguing. The tarot deck I have is the Celestial which is perfect for my work, but when the time is right I will get back to it. And it's even hard to read for yourself as your emotions get into the way. I find that with doing astrology readings as well.
I love the Toth deck. Yeah I know it is so dark but it is rich in symbolism and the depth of it allows me to swim in symbolism. It is very accurate for me too!

Peace. Love. Light.


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