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I am always searching for good mommy blogs and when I find em I like to come back and read more. Sooommmeeetimes, there is no feed button. This is very frustrating. I don't like spending minutes searching for a small link or even a link that isn't there so I can add your RSS feed to my daily reader. Moms, please, for the love of all things bloggy, add an RSS button to the top of your blog. Shout it out loud and don't make your readers go through the torture of searching for one. :)

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Thanks Michelle, Yes I do use FF. I use Sage as my reader and I have all the different blogs I frequent in folders. The rss button in the location bar is great, but the thing is my preference to add feeds is to just drag the feed link over to the folder I want it in.

Thanks for posting the tips!
I have one in the header of my blog. Hoping that is enough? http://www.speckleofdirt.com Thanks for the heads up!


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