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Hello All!

Many people around the world are switching stores each and every month because they want to enhance the quality of their lives by using safer, healthier, natural products!

The consumer must educate themselves on where they can acquire the best products at an incredible value. After all, a healthy consumer is an educated consumer!

Our company is focused on prevention and because of this we produce and manufacture safer, healthier, consumable products whose quality is second to none. We are many stores under one roof offering consumable products that are used in every home, by everyone, everyday. These products are not only safer for your home and the environment, but can be purchased at an incredible value!

I have the opportunity to help people learn how they can provide a safer, healthier home environment by simply educating them on the importance of using non-toxic products in the home and helping them to switch stores. People may prefer to become customers only, but they will always have the choice to build an amazing home based business, as well! I earn an income by educating people and referring them to this amazing company! There is no selling, parties, inventory, orders, deliveries, NOTHING! This business has been very rewarding, in more ways than one!

Visit to learn learn more about providing a safer, healthier home environment!

Visit for additional information on working for an amazing “green” company!
I started my business, Better Choices to provide information and solutions to people looking to live healthier, sustainable, organic lives. I do this through seminars, blogging, and as an independent consultant for Miessence certified organics. My mission is to provide support to anyone trying to reduce the environmental toxins in their homes through green, organic, and intelligent solutions.

You can find me at:
My new blog site, The Healthy Happy Home at
On Facebook at Better Choices
My information network
My online store
My organic business opportunity
On Twitter @Better_Choices

I love connecting with other moms passionate about raising a family in an organic, sustainable, non-toxic home. Become a "fan" and I will "fan" you back.
Hi! I do love the environment, and after being a therapist for kids and families for 15 years I have decided to combine my two passions into one organization called Green Queens and Kings!

At this organization we believe that each child and parent has the power to keep the earth beautiful.

Our first product is a merge of technology with play - an iPhone and iPad app! Green Quest is this new app that is a fun game inspiring kids to help the earth! Parents and teachers love this game too!

Hope you enjoy this app game with your children and family!
Hi everyone. I work from home with a wellness company that has been a leader in the green movement for 25 years and am able to work from home with my 3 small children. This online wellness store manufacturers over 350 items which are safer for your home and the environment. Our customers shop direct and can save 30-40% just for being a loyal customer. This is so convenient and affordable for those who spend much time shopping around for natural products and are spending more to go green. I have been able to earn a reliable income with their excellent compensation plan.
To get more information about shopping with us, visit
To get more information about joining our Work at Home United team, visit
Hi ladies! My name is Mayra, I work from home with Work at Home United. I love what I do because I can stay at home- not having to do deliveries or inventory among other things! I love our team because we partner with an international wellness company. I'm passionate about educating others on toxins in the home. I'm a strong believer in prevention! If you are interested in learning about what I do, the information is free, which is another reason I love Work at Home United! Message me or visit


Factory Direct promos offers Eco-friendly solutions to traditional promotional products that hurt our environment. We are out to change the way corporations buy their promotional products!

Will you help me with another LIKE on FB

Wow. Those are some very creative businesses you ladies are running. Mine is more of a buyer's guide / review site for green cookware. It's I review pots and pans that are PTFE and PFOA free.

Hi Everyone!

I help people create a healthier home by converting their home to quality green consumable products that are price competitively to the grocery store toxic products. So going green does not have to be more expensive.

I help people go green, save green and make green too! (if they want)

If you could switch stores, shop direct from the manufacturer, get healthier and get paid 6%-12% money back just for being a customer, would that be worth it to switch. Totally made sense to me! Four years later and I will never go back to grocery store brands! Have received over $700 in free products and received over $11,000 in referral commissions. If you would like to hear more, click on the link. Go Green and Save!

Dream big,



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