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Comment by Erica V on October 18, 2012 at 6:37pm

Hi everyone,

I am new at being a Leader of the Junior Troop.  I am trying to understand the what journey books are and also the badge books.  Do they go together.  I know there are all kinds which journey book would you recommend to start with. I need to learn the in and outs of being a leader of a troop.  I know I start with a meeting right?  What should be talked about in the 1st meeting?  Iam super excited and Iam trying to learn and get advice on how to start leading a troop as a first time leader.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback.  Thanks ;)

Comment by Danielle from Kids Meal Crowd (uppervalleymom) on May 27, 2011 at 10:37am

Thanks Nancy, it's been a trying year.  I will let my SUM and mentor know about the situation, as the mom has a girl that will still be at the Jr Level next year.  My daughter isn't interested in Cadettes at this point, and they also have a Cadette leader that is totally capable at that level.  I will be a helpful parent if Sydney does decide to move forward with scouting, otherwise, I will be happy to serve in another role.

Our council is moving to "communities" and districts vs. service units, so there are lots of chances to volunteer.  I do feel a bit bad that there is not likely to be a Jr troop in our area next year - no one else has stepped up - so we are encouraging the families to think about a troop in a different school district or to do camp/series/event/virtual/travel pathways.

Most of the families have been really great throughout the year.  The tough part is that I used to consider this mom in particular a friend.  Her daughter was in my first brownie troop a few years ago, we live fairly close to each other and I helped out with rides, bringing her to my house, etc.  But somewhere along the way things changed and I think that's why I am taking it personally.  But now that it's out of my system, I am ready to move on!



We aren't doing an end of year big outing, just not enough time.  I think I will offer to pay for reg fees for girls next year instead.  We are doing a sundae party at our last meeting, and at awards ceremony I will give each girl a CD with photos and a personalized note from me in addition to their earned patches and goodies.

Comment by Nanci Schwartz on May 27, 2011 at 7:12am

Wow Danielle! Sounds like the experiences you've been having recently are what I lived through all year. My co-leader and I spent the year focusing on trying to get the girls to just be respectful toward each other and to us.  We did not concentrate on Try-Its but more on bullying, problem solving and working it out. 


I did end meetings early a couple of times because of the girls' behavior. However, I emailed the parents immediately afterwards to let them know what happened. My parents were generally very supportive and understanding of my decisions. I did have a few phone calls with some and often got positive feedback and assurances that they would reinforce our insistence on respect.

During our next-to-last meeting, I tried to talk to them about planning the end-of-year ceremony and fly-up for two of our brownies. They were so disrespectful that I told them I would not plan it and if they wanted a ceremony, they'd have to do it themselves.  My daughter, also an offender, was very upset because she was supposed to fly-up. 

They were perplexed but I stood firm. I did show up at the time and date I set aside for the ceremony and was greeted by a few parents and the girls. They had planned a little ceremony for the new Juniors. It won't go down in the ceremony hall of fame but it felt good for them and me that they took on the responsibility.

It's hard when parents don't understand or support the concept of girl scouts. I would enlist support from your SU manage or other troop leaders. You'll find that a lot of troops experience what you do.  

My next year's plans are similar to yours but I have an easy out because we're likely going to change my daughter's school and there's a troop leader in place there. I'll gladly help, though.

As for end-of-year activities, if you have photos from throughout the year, you could have the girls make scrapbook pages to give to one another. Good luck and have a relaxing summer!

Comment by Danielle from Kids Meal Crowd (uppervalleymom) on May 27, 2011 at 6:49am
On a side note, does anyone have any cool ideas for end of year wrap up activities?
Comment by Danielle from Kids Meal Crowd (uppervalleymom) on May 27, 2011 at 6:47am

Just a quick note to vent in a safe space...I only have one more troop meeting of the year (then I am DONE with leading the Junior troop)....and I have to say I will miss the girls, but not the drama with some of the moms.  It's hard not to take things personally when they don't understand why things happen in a certain way, or that you didn't do every little thing in the way they would have preferred.  Do they not understand these are volunteer positions, and that we add this on to our already busy lives?


I gave space to a mom (and myself) last week when she said that she sensed irritation in an email I sent to her following a phone conversation.  I wanted to quickly touch base when she picked up her daughter from troop meeting to clear up - but she sent her husband instead.  I emailed her this week to say that I appreciated her feedback and would prefer to talk in person or by phone to follow up on discussion.  She said she had no desire to do so and just wanted to drop it.  But she said it in one of those ways that implied that she could care less, not the sense that she understood where I was coming from.  Oh well.  I tried.


Anyone else having these issues?  Or have advice?  I am ready to move on from this position as a leader.  Will still stay involved in Girl Scouts, but at the district or council level.

Comment by Deanna Gibbons on January 27, 2011 at 1:55pm
Hey everyone!  Well, I have been super busy since I last posted on here.  I took over the position of Service Unit Manager for our area and boy has it kept me busy.  But I finally got some breathing space and went and filled it by creating a new Ning network for all scouting volunteers.  If you are interested, you can check it out at  I've got the barebones stuff up and will add more as we get more members and more interaction!
Comment by mommymommymommy on August 16, 2010 at 6:53am
Nanci-Gld to hear that your meeting went well and that there is a new Daisy leader!

We do not start school until September 7th, so I still have time.
Comment by Nanci Schwartz on August 16, 2010 at 6:29am
The team building party went pretty well. We had a scavenger hunt for the girls. It was so hot outside!!! Then we gathered for a discussion on what it means to "make a difference" and we talked about the good ways and bad ways to make a difference. It got them thinking.
I did accomplish the goal of other parents stepping up to take on the Daisy Troop while I move on to Brownies. Very happy about that.
Looking forward to a great year!
Comment by Gail Klanchesser on August 15, 2010 at 8:10am
Summer has really flown by! We start 8/31 and 9/1 - my children will be in 2 different schools in 2 different districts this year as my oldest goes to Middle School. We only have K-6 in our town.

I've been almost completely out of touch with my troop this summer. I did invite everyone to a family field trip last week and no one replied to the email or showed up. Hmmmmm.... but we had fun on our own at the Audubon Society. But I do have to meet up with my new co-leaders, I have 2 this year - one for each troop, and I've very excited about this upcoming year!
Comment by Nanci Schwartz on August 9, 2010 at 2:18pm
Can you believe my daughter's school started today! I'm hosting a team building party with all of the school's troops next Saturday. The girls will do things together and in their troops. I'm moving up to Brownies this year and plan to get them thinking about how they make a difference in their community. Then they're going to start planning how they'll continue to do that all year. I'm hopeful that they'll get it and take on the responsibility. Oh...and I also need a Daisy leader to take my spot in that troop.

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