Okay, Midwestern gals! Here's our roll call!

I think it would be great to know more Midwestern Moms here on Twitter Moms. So, if you're writing from farm country (like I am) or the Big city (Chicago, anyone?), from places that grow corn to wheat to soybeans to towns right along the Mississippi, introduce yourself.

And while you're at it, tell us what you love about being a Midwest Twitter Mom.

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Hello fellow Midwest moms. My Name is Rachel, Here is SE Missouri. (hi all you MO moms). Glad to see this group. I'm an avid Twitter aholic. You call can find me @amomsrantings and @igreenmommy Would love you have you as a friend on Twitter. I'm glad there's so many of us out here being Twitter moms. I was wondering if I was alone. lol...
Hello ladies,

My name is Tenny, and I'm new to this group. I'm from Lincoln, NE.
Hope to tweet with you....

Hi! I'm Denise and I live in Minnesota (Born and Raised) I currently live in a northern suburb of Minneapolis, but I am truly a country girl at heart.
Hi there! I'm Melissa and I currently live in southern O-H-I-O but grew up in Indiana. I love the friendliness and down to earth feeling of living in the Midwest. I'm a mom of 1 and look forward to getting to know you!

So, it looks like i'm about a year late with this, lol... but just wanted to say hello from the Fox Cities, Wisconsin!  Looking forward to networking with and "meeting" other moms in the area.  :)





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