Moms I have a question and I would like a honest answer..........Moms and/or Dads how do you feel if (you) are light-skinned and you have a dark-skinned child/dren and if you are a dark-skinned parent, what feelings do you have when you have light-skinned child/dren?


The reason I asked this question is because I know a light-skinned lady and she made the comment, "I never want to have dark-skinned children." and I also heard another mother (when angry) refer to her dark-skinned daughter as "black self" and her light skinned daughter by her name. I was baffled and loss for words...

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The mentality is instilled in some people from birth. Growing up in a biracial family, I can remember people commenting that some of us were dark as asphalt where as others of us were pecan complected. The older generation was treated based on their skin complexion and unfortunately it has been one of those nasty things that was passed down. I can say from personal experience the color issue does not go away regardless of how you dress it up. I have two biracial children one is light/close to white like his father and our oldest is darker close to my complextion. People look and treat my kids differently when I don't intervene. People will comment how cute and adorable my younger son is and not make any mention about my oldest son. Its not much that you can do other than tell your children how beautiful each one of them are. 

Wow. I'm "light-skinned" and my husband is dark-skinned. We have 6 BEAUTIFUL children light, mocha, to dark skinned and they are ALL beautiful in my eyes. I teach my kids to love themselves and I do tell my 4 boys how handsome they are and my 2 girls how beautiful they are all the time.

My kids know we are beautiful people and color shouldn't be an issue (even though in our society, even amongst each other) it is. It is sad to hear stories like the one's you've mentioned above and if more of us would love ourselves for who we are no matter what shade, our children wouldn't grow up thinking negatively about the color of their skin.





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