You can't control your kids - why wasn't i given a remote at birth???

I wrote up a blog this morning about the 10 personality traits i'd like my kids to have as they get older.  I can't control them, but what could i teach them that would influence these personality traits.

  1. Kindness and Compassion
  2. Enthusiasm and optimism for trying new things
  3. Being able to work for others, or work for themselves to achieve their own personal goals

This is some of them.  I'd really love to get some feedback on my own list, and hear what other people would like to be able to say about their child when they become an adult or even a teenager.


Would love some feedback.




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Teaching through example would be the best way, in my opinion. Those are great traits to have.

These can all be accomplished by setting up your home like a business.  

Hire the children to do chores, not because the chores need to be done, but because it is a character and skill building opportunity.

Encourage them to give some of their money to a charity that they can get excited about - chickens and goats to third world countries, sponsoring a child in a third world country

Success builds enthusiasm.  As they gain skills they will be more excited to learn new things. Especially since skilled employees get paid more.

Auntie Lyn

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