Would you rather be able to fly, or have the ability to read people's minds?

Silly question of the week:

Would you rather be able to fly, or have the ability to read people's minds?

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Fly - that would be awesome! I think reading people's mind might be one of those things that would end up being a curse!
Fly - I don't want to really know if I look fat in that dress. : )
Fly as reading people's minds would drive you insane. Reminds me of the movie with Mel Gibson What Women Want .. or whatever it was called.
Fly. That's a really easy one. If I could fly I wouldn't care what people thought.
I would rather fly because then I would be able to see many things. Reading other people's minds would drive me insane. LOL
Definitely fly . . . I don't think that I'd want to know what people are really thinking...I generally like that people filter their thoughts before speaking. :o)
Read peoples minds. But only when I chose too. I like to know how people really feel about different situations. I know crazy.
Oh that is a hard one but I would say Fly. That just seems much more cooler, plus it would take all the mystery out of people if you could read their minds.
No way would I want to read minds! That would be just way too much! Let's just keep our thoughts to ourselves! LOL I wouldn't mind flying. It would sure help get to family when they need us quickly!
Fly - definitely. I really don't want to know what some people are thinking... so I agree with Dawn... that would only end up being a curse!
Read people's minds. I'd love to know what people are really thinking. But I'd want to be able to turn it off too…there are some thoughts I just don't care to know.

I'd much rather fly. I still miss hang gliding and plan to eventually sky dive because there is nothing like the view and the wind.

Besides, people mind's can be a scary place get tangled up in. Plus, you could develop a cynical view of humanity if you judge people based on every passing thought.

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