are you here?  if so please find me... thanks.  I use to think that this would be the easier softer way to live.  Work from home and love my child even more!  I'm not sure if I know how to to do this, 22 months into it and I'm ready to throw myself off a bridge. 

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Oh, this is tough!  Today we are using just one car so I feel kind of trapped.  I love my babies but 24/7 of time with anyone is hard(I can't even go to the bathroom alone LOL) and being needed is a great thing but a demanding thing emotionally and physically.  You're not alone!!! :)  Don't jump off the bridge just yet.  Somethings that help me are having one day a week to drop the kids at Mommy's Day Out at our church's daycare.  And I force myself to do things for myself that day(ok I do sometimes grocery shop or clean though).  Like tomorrow...  it's a spa pedi day!  wahooo and last week it was work on a sculpture that I've been trying to fit into my mommy schedule for 2 years.  My sis made a great point to me today that if I don't take care of myself then how can I take care of , and not secretly resent, others.  Good point that she made!  Hope this helps!

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