What is more important.. the neighborhood or the house?

My husband and I are in the middle of house hunting. We are moving out of state, so everything is new to us.

I have done a lot of research on schools and we have narrowed down our search. Currently there are two houses that we are debating about.

The first house I like a lot, but I LOVE the neighborhood. My first choice in where I would want to live. The second house is in a neighborhood that I really like too, but I LOVE the house.

So my question is, what would you weight more in your decision making? The house or the neighborhood?

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The house, unless its in an unsafe part of town. You will be spending more time in and around the house than in and around the neighborhood. Plus, neighborhoods are fluid and you could end up with a house you are unhappy with and a house you don't absolutely positively love.
Hi - I agree that the neighborhood should be the deciding factor, especially if you like the house a lot. You will eventually make the home your own and love it, but you can't change the neighborhood. I've done this twice, this last time I wasn't crazy about the house but loved the neighborhood. Five years later, I love my house too. I have great neighbors and even know the people in the local stores. Good Luck!
Thanks for your thoughts ladies!!

Nicole, I have never had a home that I loved and I think that is why I am so torn. I know that if I don't love the home I may never love it.

But I keep going back to it no being in the neighborhood I love!

Maybe the starts will align for me and I will find a house I adore in the neighborhood I want to live in!

I would still love to hear more opinions! Each one helps!
Its all about the neighborhood. Houses you can fix and change and make better, neighborhoods are difficult to fix and make better. Think about these factors:
-the neighborhood is where your kids will meet his/her future peers
-check out the schools in the neighborhood. Is there lots of parent involvement? That is the sign of a good neighborhood.
-Trust me, as your kids get older, you will be spending a lot of time w/ the people in your neighborhood (soccer games, school yard, carpooling, fundraisers, etc, etc.) you will be happier if you really like thes people
Good luck with this decision - it is an excellent question
P.S.I know people who have left great neighborhoods for "better" houses and within a year or two they are out searching for a new house in their old neighborhood.

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