Spinoff from another discussion.

How do you define a 'mommy blogger'?

What kind of content does a 'mommy blog' have?

Do you think the phrase is a positive or negative connotation?

Are you a 'mommy blogger'?

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I think of a mommy blogger as someone who has a blog and is a mom. I don't think it necessarily has to be about being a mommy although I do think that is what is expected of you as a mother. I think people forget, including mothers, that we are women and people too. I have a tendancy to identify almost exclusively with the mother part of me over other aspects of who I am. I think just about any phrase with the word Mommy in it better be used for positive only! Lol. I an working on being a mommy blogger although I am finding it hard to remember to blog as close to every day as possible. I hope some of this is what you were looking for!
I've always just simply thought of the definition in general terms, such as a mom who blogs about mom-related (and possibly other) topics, the emphasis being on mom-related topics.

The content could be as varient as the blogger, but again, I think mom-focused would be the central connection.

Sadly, I've seen people speak of mom bloggers in a negative way but I can't say that I agree with any rational that's been stated- it's mainly generalization (always a pitfall to make generalizations or stereotypes about any population.).

I happen to think the title "mom blogger" bears a very positive connotation. Motherhood is a blessing and to be celebrated, not a negative by any means. Certainly there are negative mommies out there, but when speaking of motherhood in general terms it's difficult to see why it wouldn't be seen in positive terms.

Yes, I am a mommy blogger and have been for quite some time. Funny that I don't see much grumbling about those darn D.I.Y. bloggers who want to recycle everything rather than buying new (ha ha!) - I also blog A LOT about sustainable practices.

I'm proud to be a mom blogger and and love reading other mom blogs. I also love reading craft blogs and literature blogs. The wonderful part about the blog world is there's a little something for everyone and there's plenty of room in the blogsphere for everyone. :)

Best Wishes,
Rural Mom
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ruralmoms
I think anybody who is a mother and blogs is considered a "Mommy Blogger".  At first, I did think it was a negative expression but after blogging for a long time, I wear that badge proudly.  Being a mother comes first in my life and anything having to do with that should be celebrated, not feared.  I think if people stopped thinking of it as a degrading term and really embraced it we all would be better off.

I don't consider myself a mommy blogger, although I do consider myself a blogger and a mom if that makes sense.  I have a non-mommy blog, so I am not defining any mom that blogs as a mommy blogger.   I would reserve that term for someone who blogs around their children and home-life for the most part.

Just for the fact that they are a mom and doing a blog, whether they work or not, I think it is a positive connotation because they are able to do so much work!


OK, my turn. I got the impression of 'mommy bloggers' when my son was very small and EVERYONE in the Bump.com message boards had a blog that they filled with pictures, stats from doctor appointments, and gushing acheivements all over their blogs, some of which were really poorly written.

I've seena  lot of blogs that are written by moms that show their outside interests and then happen to talk about being a parent and the life as well. It's helping change my perception, there are many 'mommy blogs' that are well written and have many interests that pull me in, and I aspire to write like them. but when I personally hear 'mommy blogger' I always think of all of those women with their blogs all about just their children.

So for me, 'mommy blogs' aren't the same as what many define as a 'mommy blogger'. I don't define myself as one but many would that don't have the same perception as me, and I am fine with that.


I have heard people who are offended by the term Mommy Blogger. I'm not sure why maybe they think it means they are not being taken seriously? I though am a Mom and a blogger and I don't think I could ever be offended by anything with the term "mommy" in it, I love being a Mom.

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