What do you think is the best age to be and why?

What do you think is the best age to be and why? Would you prefer being an age that is young and naive or old and wise? Share your answers below. Thanks!

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For me personally I feel that I am much more comfortable at my age now then I was in my twenties. Nothing between 32 and 22 is different for me. I am still married (to the same person) and have always moved (states) a lot. What is different is how I react to people and even my own situations that makes being 32 easier then 22. Not as much drama or worry about what others are thinking of me. So much so that I have started writing more and sharing my thoughts and ideas more and even selling what I make. I would not go back in time for anything, I wouldn't change my past and I look forward to what age and experience can bring me in my future.
I LOVE being 40! Who woulda guessed, huh? I know myself a little better (I think!), am settled in a good way and I really like knowing so much more than I did when I was younger. I've learned a lot through tough experiences that I could have done without (!) but come out better for them.

Here's what I miss about being younger: zero wrinkles, it hurts a lot more now after a good workout, recovering from a hangover takes waaay longer. . .But what I don't miss is: diapers & waking up every 2 hours in the night, not knowing when to let go of an argument, feeling like I have to make everyone happy.

So I'll take age and wisdom any day. Plus, being a mom, I get to relive being young (middle school, with my daughter right now, which I'd MUCH rather do vicariously!) anyway!

I'm still young for now so I guess I should just enjoy it and not waste it. I look forward to getting older though, just being wiser but I don't want to change too much!
While I do appreciate the benefits of being 40, like some others have mentioned (knowing myself better, etc.), I have to say I'm still kind of shocked that I'm here. The years flew by so quickly, and if I'm being totally honest, I am still getting used to my new decade. I want to embrace it, and at times I do... but I'm not quite there yet. My biggest complaint: the body aches from working out! I still plan to do some triathlons this summer, though... I'm not ready to kick the bucket yet! :)

So, to answer the question at last: I'd say 35. Some wisdom acquired, but with less physical pain. :)
I'm 36 and I love being in my 30's. I'd rather be here than in my 20's, because now I have a family and I am more settled. My friends are too, and there's not as much drama amongst us as there was in our 20's. I hope life just keeps getting better! I really feel you do get wiser as you get older and that helps you enjoy life a bit better. However, I wouldn't mind getting my 20-year-old, pre-child body back in time for bikini season! But you can't have everything!

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I am very happy 40 plus years. I feel that I am much more confident in my stage of my life. I do miss going out with my friends but I wouldn't trade anything. I love being a mom to my three children. If I was younger I would never be writing this blog. Enjoy your life at any age.bit.ly/9B6fYh
Tough choice -- I liked being young, but I'm doing just fine in my 40's as well.

For me:
body = 23
wallet = 39
friends & family = all ages

I think we all need to live in the moment & embrace every age.

College kids: have fun, but play safe
New Moms: don't start too late, but try to have a few $$ tucked away
Career Girls: it's never too late or too early to change directions

cheers - Lesley
The best age to be is the one that I am, because I can't turn back the clock (unfortunately!) and the alternative would be death. And believe me, at nearly 54, I sometimes think I have one foot in the grave. But hey -- it's the new 44, right?
Hmmm, I'm 32 with 4 gorgeous children so as far as where I'd like to be in my life, age 32 is fine and dandy. A far as where I'd like to be health wise, definitely my 20's! I didn't have high blood pressure, I wasn't overweight and I could run and jump without regretting it the next day, lol and my mommy was still with us when I was in my early 20's so that would be great.

So the best age is 32 because I have my hubby and children but I wish my body was more 20ish and my mom was still here..
Like everyone else, i wouldn't take back the immaturity of my 20s. I'm 35 now and am loving it. but i have to say I still most enjoyed my late 20s when I was staying home with my daughter. I was physically in better form, not under any pressure professionally, and loving and appreciating life. right now juggling everyone's family activities, home responsibilities, and mounting work stress from being further along in my career makes me feel constantly overextended. I'm loving it, but it seems to require a little more effort and reminder to take a moment and relish what is going on. So I think overall age may not matter, but more so your perception of the quality of your life.
I would have to say the age I am right now. I am 51 and finally comfortable with who I am. Could however, use the energy I had at 25!!
I have personally found my forties to be my best age. I've never felt better physically, emotionally, or spiritually. I have a great relationship with my husband and daughters. Opportunities continue to present themselves in my life for growth. I suppose I've come to an age where I know myself best and am not afraid to take a few risks.

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