What do you pay a babysitter (not daycare) ?

I would love to get an idea of the "going rate" for weekend/nighttime babysitters.

>> What do  you pay?

>> How many kids do they watch?

>> Does the sitter do any extra/special activities ? (make dinner, crafts, clean up, walk dog, etc..)

>> Who are are they ? (teenager, neighbour, relative, etc..)

>> Where do you live/type of community ? Big city; smaller city; suburb; rural.. etc..


Thanks so much, it will be interesting to compare.

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Hi Emmi,

I'm in Winston-Salem so probably our rates are fairly comparable. 




Emmi L. said:

Portia! Thanks so much! i'm a little bit down the road from you and I'm really going to be looking for a babysitter so I was wondering how much to pay in this area! I'm in Fayetteville. Where are you?

Portia M. said:
Hi Leslie - I'm in North Carolina in the Piedmont Triad area  and the going rate for a babysitter is about $10 per hour. $1 is added per child. I think a teenager is just fine and many have their babysitting certifications from the Red Cross, which means they know CPR and basic first aid. I think if you have sitter who is watching your kids every day (say after school) and you expect her to do crafts and what not, you might want to add a bit more to her fee but I think the $10 range is reasonable. I agree with Brianna below that a good sitter is worth paying well so that you can keep her.
Tips on paying your babysitter from Care4hire.com...http://tinyurl.com/2fqc48l
Very useful link, Candi. Thanks for this post. Also, moms, note the tax information below. Very important if you are paying some to sit or nanny for your regularly.

candi said:
Tips on paying your babysitter from Care4hire.com...http://tinyurl.com/2fqc48l

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