Weekly Commenting Contest: After a long day, how do you like to unwind?

Question of the Week: After a long day, how do you like to unwind? 


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I like to unwind by crawling into bed with a good book, reading for about an hour before lights out (if nature don't take it's course before then!)
Hot shower and a glass of wine!!
I unwind during the week through TV or reading and on the weekend with a little Baileys over ice.
I unwind by watching one of my favorite shows on TV, while I lay in bed and catch up online with friends. Of course my snacks are close at hand so don't have to get up much.
I like to take a refreshing shower; then get a bite to eat.  Feel like a million dollar mom and woman!!!!!!!!!!!!
After a long day, I like to unwind by doing Yoga or playing video games!
At the end of a long day, I want a scented candle, a cup of herbal tea and a bubble bath in no particular order. That generally gets rid of the stress for me.
I sew or hang on the computer with one of the doggies by my side. :)
Reading/Studying the Bible and hearing God's word to guide my footsteps.  There is no better feeling of peace and strength to handle anything being a Mom brings.

I unwind with a glass of wine (after my son has gone to sleep), get in comfy clothes and watch reality tv - housewives, say yes to the dress, my list goes on and on!



I like to unwind by relaxing in bed with my hubby to catch up on night shows. 

I like a nice glass of my favorite wine, which is Red Velvet by Cupcake Vineyard and some reality television.  Honestly, sometimes the trashier the better.  It sorta makes me realize that you shouldn't take things so seriously or even that there are other people out there that have more "issues" than I do!!!!  

I also just downloaded my first book to the iPAD so I am sure that will be come a great activity!




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