Weekly Commenting Contest: What would you do if you suddenly woke up and had $1 Million?

Weekly Commenting Contest!

Congratulations to our winner: Tabathia Barrett! Tabathia will receive a $100 gift card to Amazon.com! Thanks to everyone who participated!

What would you do if you suddenly woke up and had $1 Million?

We get a lot of requests to help members get to know each other better, so we wanted to get you guys talking and hopefully create some fun comments to read. 

By submitting a comment on this page, you will be automatically entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card! Have fun! Submit your comments by 11:59pm on 10/31/10 to be entered for a chance to win! Winners will be announce in our weekly newsletter on 11/1/10.

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if i had a million dollars i would cry. Because it would mean freedom from debt. we would be able to repair our home and purchase a new one. Take a vacation. BREATHe.

Next would be to give: to church - a stained glass window, to a school- musical instruments. since the 4th grade, it has my dream to give the gift of music to others. Purchasing instruments is the best way to impart a creative outlet that can lead to music appreciation and careers in the arts. Donate to the Library! There is so much the library does for the community and miracles are achieved on tight budgets. Help a few military families. I have had my husband away in battle and been alone and struggled. It would be great to help families that are struggling and are missing a family member.

take a whopping chunk into my savings, place some into both of my kids savings account and buy my niece and nephews saving bonds for college.

reduce my work hours so i can be there for my kids more.
take deep breaths.
We would move as far away from his parents as we could. We would then build a care center, rather than a nursing home, staff would include the usual as well as a handful of people that would do nothing but visit with the residents.
We would also set up a program for the handicapped to enjoy the outdoors, fishing, hunting, trail riding, etc,...
I miss my dearest friends that I met in high school and college. We are all spread out over the Midwest and East Coast. All 6 of them are unemployed or unhappy in their current job. I want them to enjoy the contentment I feel running a successful business, setting their own hours, and being their own boss. I've done all the hard work of making my children's clothing swap boutique a success and worked out the kinks. I would use the $1 Million dollars to open a Gumdrop Swap location in their own city. And we would make a pact to take a group vacation exactly one year later to celebrate!
pay off my house and go to hawaii for a month
I would absolutely tithe first. Then I would pay off my mortgage, buy a brand new car for my daughters and myself, make it so my girls didn't have to work their way through college and pay off their loans. I would set some aside for retirement. Then I'd do things like remodeling our house, buy a laptop, and things such as that.

For our school district, I'd give money towards a new tennis court! You should see ours! Ugh...

I know it's nothing spectacular, but as a single mom of 4, thinking practically is how I roll. =)
If I woke up and had $1 Million... I would think it was a bank error.
First, I would call and inquire about the big balance.
After confirming it was indeed true,
I would let out a huge sigh and finally be able to BREATHE.........again........
Then I would come up with a reasonable game plan to pull ourselves out of the horrible debt we have aquired after the collapse of the market a few years back. My financial planner husband has had a major hit in his commissions (which is his salary) and our income has been steadily declining for the past 8 years. I would be able to rest assured my 4 kids will be able to have college paid for. It's coming up so fast, 2 more years for my oldest. And we could have a savings account again, and not live pay check to paycheck. Oh and then I could put money away again for retirement, we are so behind on that........
Hmmmm, can I go to sleep now ?
I'm really hoping that something like this could happen, right?
I'd buy a new house, save some for my child's college fund, and have a family trip to Europe. Hope I can win $100 if not $1 million :)
The first thing I would do is pray and give thanks to God for the blessing.

Then I would pay off our bills, our moms and kids bills so we would all be comfortable. And my hubby could really retire instead of going back to work after retiring like he had to when he retired from the military.

I would make sure to put money in savings for my 3 grandkids.

And I would not keep the blessing to myself. I would donate to Christian Ministries to give back to the many in need in our community that are homeless and hungry, especially since we just had 3 tornados hit here in our area of NC yesterday. I can't stand the thought of kids hungry. It breaks my heart.

And I don't like to hear the elderly not having the money for their meds. Christian Ministries turn a little money into a lot and helps so many people locally when they have the funds.

Then I would give thanks to the Lord that He gave me the means to help others.
well, even though a lot of ppl would quit their jobs .. a million dollars isn't that much money if you eventually want to retire or send your kids to college. Soo.. my husband would not quit his job.. no sir.. we need the health insurance as well. We would however go on a nice vacation or maybe renew our vows since we never had real wedding or honeymoon. Then we'd open up two college funds for our children. I'd go with a program that's offered by the state and I'd pay for 4 years of schooling for both of them so they would never have to worry about that.

After this we'd go in search of a house that fit all 4 of us (5 if you include the dog). We currently live in a 500sq ft. house and it's getting to be a bit much.. We wouldn't get anything out of control.. just a nice house further out in the country, with a fenced yard so I wouldn't have to worry about my kids getting run over by traffic and my dog could run free.. and I could have a garden..

Last but not least we'd go visit my husbands family in Norway that he hasn't seen in 6 yrs.

If I woke up and discovered I had a million dollars I would pay off our debt and the debt for my parrents and in-laws. They've helped us and I wold want to make sure they were apprecia Ited for all the help. Then I would set up an educational fund for our little boy.

I would also find a good realtor and buy up some affordable properties that we could use as investment and rental properties.

I would give a big chunk to our church that is just getting started in a new area.
And I would quit my day job and just do stand up comedy for a living until I became a brooding hermit millionare in my old age :-$
I would call everyone I know and tell them! Then I would email my boss and let her know that I would not be in work that day and I would spend the day paying off everything and everyone that I owe.
Then I would make sure I had some set aside for the kids education and maybe buy a house.

I don't think I would quit my job right away because I LOVE my job and the people I work with BUT then again I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom! That would be the tough decision for me.
I would pay off all the bills, plans some fun vacations, help out the family with bills, give some to charities and invest the rest!

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