Weekly Commenting Contest: What is your top tip for Holiday shopping?

What is your top tip for Holiday shopping?

Congratulations to the random winner: Katie Sexton!

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Budget and stay in that budget. I also start shopping around July so I spend a little here a little there. We also put a little bit of our paychecks aside each month and put that into our holiday fund. Dont use credit cards!!!!

Avoid the crowds!! Buy what you can online - especially worth it if you use a cash-back program and can find free shipping sales/codes! 

Shop holiday deals online to avoid crowded stores.

Get it now, and save your receipts.  The hot toys are always sold out so get them while they are there. Everything seems to go down the closer it is to Christmas, so save the receipts to either get a price adjustment or return and re-purchase.

Ask your fellow mom friends if they have any old toys they'd want to part with so you can regift. Or check out a nice consignment shop that has almost new merchandise. Make homemade gifts and edibles.
Can you tell I'm unemployed? Lol
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Plan Ahead,Check Ads,

shop online!  consult retailmenot.com for coupon codes and never pay for shipping!  there are some good deals to be had online. 

Compare prices online and off...make sure the shipping and taxes don't make the item cost more than it does in the store.

My tip is to watch the sales. There are many deal sites and blogs that list deals daily. Check them out. Take advantage of free shipping and coupon codes!

Start early!  Leaving it 'til the last minute only causes unnecessary stress and having to buy gifts that don't really fit the person.

I'll take $100 anyday!

Shop clearance and sales for the best possible prices!  I shop all year long and pick up great gifts for little of nothing by shopping the clearance sales in addition to any store and/or manufacturer coupons I have.  By making purchases throughout the year you don't have to break the bank right before Christmas!

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