Weekly Commenting Contest: What is your top tip for Holiday shopping?

What is your top tip for Holiday shopping?

Congratulations to the random winner: Katie Sexton!

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Set a reasonable limit.  For example "this much per person" and stick too it.  Start shopping early to budget better and not use credit cards

My top tip is start early, use coupons, and buy online as much as possible!

i like to shop online and compare prices before i shop in a retail store. i will look for free shipping and discount codes too.  once i have the stores name that i want to use and coupon/discount codes written down then i look at ebates or mypoints and try to shop through them for even more rewards.


another tip is i love to use my socialmoms rewards for shopping at amazon.  today i received my daughter's main gift and it was compliments of earned amazon money. thanks socialmoms! you will make my daughter's Christmas merry!  

I shop throughout the year for deals, each present is not planned, but rather it's completed when I see a sale that fits the person I'm presenting the gift to.  I can't stand December shopping when stores are wooing you with so-called "deals" that are really not deals when you have to wade through traffic and crowds to get to it (if you're lucky).  

Shop online! You can get great deals, there are extra coupon codes, you can get cash back, and no kids to hurry you!

After making a list and setting a budget, check locally for winter boutiques and holiday fairs.  Not only will you find unique items at these events, but you will also be supporting small businesses and generally a portion of proceeds goes towards a local charity or school. 

Make a list and stick to it! :)

Comparison shop online, shop through cash back sites, and combine coupons and store deals.

We set a budget and stick to it.  Sometimes that means waiting a little longer till what we really like comes on sale.  Patience is the name of the game.

I like to buy gifts throughout the year, so I don't have a large bill at one time.  

Shop online because it's easy to compare prices.

pay cash only and get only what you know will be a hit..

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