Weekly Commenting Contest: What is your favorite holiday recipe?

What is your favorite holiday recipe?

Congratulations to the random winner: Katie!
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Mash potatoes and gravy, with stuffing!

Stuffing has always been my favorite.  I use the same recipe that my Grandma used!

Every year, I can't wait to have my favorite Hershey Kiss cookies!!!  mmmmmm

pecan pie mmmm

Anise cookies! Its not Christmas until I eat one =)

Seven Layer Cookies and Fantasy Fudge...YUMMM

I LOVE Peanut Butter chocolate chip cookies for the holidays!



Mexican Wedding Cakes! aka snowballs

Every holiday, I always make mini cheesecake. I make them with vanilla wafers, cream cheese, lemon juice, eggs, and vanilla :D Very easy and yummy to make!

My favorite holiday recipe is my Thanksgiving Leftover Pie! I only get to make it once a year :)


Ugghhhhh! I can't pick just one! I think my favorites are pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bread and zucchini bread.

My grandmas cookies!

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