Weekly Commenting Contest: What is one positive change you plan on making in your life next year?

Congratulations to the winner, Karla Sceviour! Enjoy your gift card! :)

A lot has changed since we started TwitterMoms in 2008. It wasn't started with a business plan or grand ambitions, we just looked at the needs of moms in social media and figured out ways to help them grow their brands and businesses and make connections while having fun at the same time. 

In a lot of ways, we have outgrown our name. We are planning some big improvements for next year, including a name change that better reflects our community. 

We are excited to count you as a part of our growing community, and wanted to get the news to you first. Some things won't change: we are still focusing on the community, bringing moms opportunities with media and leading brands (and having fun!). Our new name reflects more accurately what our network has become and the community we support and champion. Stay tuned as we unveil more details in the coming weeks and months! 

In the spirit of positive change, what is one positive change you plan on making in your life next year?

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One positive change I plan on making in my life next year is reducing stress...learning what stresses me and avoiding it.


bctripletmom at gmail dot com
I plan on being healthier next year. This year, being pregnant has made it difficult to get into a good exercising routine. I'd love to get back into running and once in better shape, intramural soccer!
I plan on infusing my life with just a little bit of peace and mindfulness. Life seems to have swept me up & run away with me. I need to make time for quiet reflection in order to reconnect with my self.
Detaching from the outcome. Let it go and let it be!
I plan on making positive changes to all our diets, more fresh foods, less processed. I'm also graduating from college with my associates degree and re-enrolling for my bachelors while i find work in my field
I would love to focus on being more balanced with everything in my life.
I am going to continue downsizing and reduce my impact on the palnet by recycling more and coonsuming less!
I plan to make a change to become more physically active so that I will feel better!. My oldest son is a personal trainer and he says he will develop a workout routine for me!
I plan on getting a tread mill. I am saving up now and it is time for no more excuses. Huge rocks (which we have) on road, too tired, legs hurt, just don't feel like it, are all crazy excuses. I have grandchildren, with a brand new one just born, and at the rate I am going by not losing weight, I won't get to enjoy the latest granddaughter. The most postive thing I could do for myself and my family is to get back on track for a healthy lifestyle. Instead of always taking care of everyone else it is time to take care of ME, and only I can make that happen. I am excited and pumped up for this positive lifestyle change.
I have several areas which I would like to focus on improving. The first is focusing more on assisting my teenage son with Asperger's Syndrome in finding his niche in life. The second is getting my finances in better condition by taking on a paying job over obsessive volunteering. And third, in order to have the energy to make these things happen, I want to re-commit to exercising more consistently because I feel so much better when I do.
I am working hard to grow my kids clothing swap business (Gumdrop Swap) to the point that I can afford some part time help next year. Then I can try to have a 2nd child. Say a little prayer that I reach that goal please. Thanks!
I would love to make a change in my relationships! They aren't bad just have had a lack this past year due to my being ill. I am hoping to change that so I can get more involved and stay closer in touch.





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