Weekly Commenting Contest: What do you love most about being a mom?

Question of the day: What do you love most about being a mom?


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I love the cuddling and kisses. Although my son is getting too big to want to cuddle with me anymore. I miss it when we would cuddle up in the rocker at night to read stories. Now, he wants me to stay with him for a little while at night (still calls it cuddle time) but he doesn't want me to touch him. lol
I am not sure yet.
Watching as they learn new things and seeing their excitement around the smallest things that I don't always appreciate as much as I should...
I love when i get home from work and my daughter gets this huge smile on her face, opens her arms wide for a hug and lays her head on my shoulders or chest. Perfection!
That I have two little girls that love me more than anything else in the whole world!
having someone (other than me) think I know it all !!!
Aloha, Well I wanted to wait till i was done partyin' Nothing worse than a mom who tells their kids Ill be right back im going to the bar. I had my Sessa at 36. My first and only, i wanted to make sure i was in it for the long haul. I wanted to make sure I could look at her father w/ respect for the next 18 yrs at least. I got lucky! I have the best kid. Spoiled sometimes Yes, but has manners and is a pretty smart kid. I think probably like the rest of the moms and say the best part about being a mom is the love you get. MY mom passed away when i was 19 and I never really KNEW how much she loved me, Until.. I had my daughter. Now it all makes sense. wish she was here to see this great kid i have. and in a way I have become my mom, which isnt that bad since she was my hero. MOMs ROCK!!
I love it all! I'm a very blessed Mom to have even one child - he's truly a miracle. I don't take anything for granted.  I love those hugs & kisses and "I love you Mommys" he gives even though he's almost 9.
I love the unconditional love between me and my kids. It's awesome to know that they truest me enough to bring any and all concerns they have to me!
I love the way my little monkey comes to me for everything... hugs kisses lovings booboos everything!!
I love that I've been given the opportunity to do the most important job in the world -- raising future adults who will one day make their own way in the world and leave their own footprints on it. What an honor!
What I love most is getting the chance to see how much my boys grow and learn each day. Their intelligence and strength never ceases to amaze me!

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