Weekly Commenting Contest: What is one thing you couldn't live without?

Question of the week: What is one thing you couldn't live without?


Congratulations to the random winner: @Deal_Scoop


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Definitely coffee. I'm quite sure I wouldn't survive.
I couldn't live without my 9 month old son & ice cream!!
my cell phone!
My itouch!  Music, facebook, twitter, yahoo......mostly my music!!!!
My daughter, husband and Diet Coke :)
A swimming pool in the vacinity.  Since I am arthiritic, it is the one place that I can work out with no pain and all gain! The kids can go in with me and we can wrestle, chase, and jump on each other.  Don't want it in my yard to heat and maintain, just somewhere nearby :)
I can't live without... my family, plus chocolates :))
Besides my family, it would have to be my hair dryer.
Books. Or an ereader will thousands of books loaded on it (in order to make it 1 thing).
Oh that's a hard one - nowadays, probably my iPhone! :)
Coffee, my Cricut (for crafting) and My Cut Search to find the images I want to cut with my Cricut!
Coffee..... then the family.  LOL!!!!

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