Weekly Commenting Contest: Who do plan on reconnecting with this Holiday Season?

Congratulations to the random winner: LaVonne Long!


The holidays may be the most important time to reconnect with loved ones. Who do you plan on reconnecting with this Holiday Season?
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I am going to have my parents out for Thanksgiving and then we are going to their place on the 9th of December for a Christmas play that my parents will be in. We will also be getting together on the 8th with friends from my husband's work for a company party.

My mom and sisters via webcams or via some sort of skype on the cells.  My sons and daughter will all be home for Christmas!!

I want to reconnect with my husband. He works so hard during the year, but always has the last 3 weeks of the year off. It's our special time to bond and relax!

I send out Christmas cards with family photos!

For thanksgiving we will be at my Mom's house.  It has been a tradition now since Dad passed, as this was the last Holiday we were all together at. 

For Christmas, we will be at my house!  Easier for me with 3 kids!  We hope to have my mom, brother and his family, and my in-laws as well!

I am hoping to reconnect with my husband's side of the family. He was adopted and his birth mother and half sister just found him on facebook. It would be nice to get to know them better.

This year I am REALLY excited because we are working hard to reconnect with my Aunt (Uncle and cousin too), who we have not had contact with for over 20 years.  A lot has changed over the years, and we are trying to catch up.  It is so exciting to be re-building the close connection we used to have.  


I'm finding that I've got a lot in common with my Aunt as she is very crafty.  She is remotely (via phone, Skype, internet, email, etc as we are litterally as far apart as you can be in the US - Seattle WA vs Jacksonville FL) trying to help me with a baby clothes quilt I am attempting to start.


There are health concerns, making the process more important and time sensitive.  So sad, but oh so exciting.  

We will be reconnecting with all my nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. And on of them

has just graduated from the Green Berets--- We are so so proud!! It will be a great time with special people.

This year we fly from Tennessee to California and get to be with our family there for 15 days. WE can't wait!!! We'll have good quality time with sisters, brothers and our daughter's cousins. They live overseas, so this time together is so special.

I am really excited about visiting with my cousins who only visit twice a year!

I usually see my Dad once a year around Christmas. It is difficult for me but makes him so happy.

We always look forward to reconnecting with my husband's family, who live completely across the country from us in Seattle (we're in N.C.).  Christmas is the one time of year everyone is able to travel and come together and we all really look forward to it.



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