Weekly Commenting Contest: Who do plan on reconnecting with this Holiday Season?

Congratulations to the random winner: LaVonne Long!


The holidays may be the most important time to reconnect with loved ones. Who do you plan on reconnecting with this Holiday Season?
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By submitting a comment on this page, you will be automatically entered to win a VTech Gift Basket! Have fun! Submit your comments by 11:59pm on 11/20/11 to be entered for a chance to win! Winner will be notified in next week's Newsletter on 11/28/11. (See Official Rules)


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About VTech®

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My Family My mom and brothers In laws and niece and nephew at my house

actually, I won't be reconnecting with someone as much as "getting to know" some new "someone's". This will be the first Thanksgiving / Christmas holiday season with my boyfriend and I together. So we will be spending this time getting to know eachother's families. Not really looking forward to the Family Drama stuff, but it's definately entertaining. Plus it will be the first Holiday season without my oldest boy. He's 20 yrs old and just left this morning for boot camp in the Army. It's a huge adjustment for me...

My brother...he's moved out of state and we haven't talked in almost 7 month now....

I plan on reconnecting with myself this Holiday Season. After having been in a place where we didnt have a roof over our head for a bit, It has been a crazy couple years getting back on track not only financially, but physically and mentally too. It was hard to my hubby to have his "girls" homeless and I kinda took the role of "optimist" in everything, now we are getting back on track and soon I can relax and enjoy my family and the holidays, now that we know "santa" can find us..LOL My 6yr olds words!! We already sent our letter to Santa at the Macy's mall dropbox :D merry christmas everyone!!


We'll be spending time with out-of-town grandparents.

My husbands' parents and aunt and uncle!

I'm hoping to reconnect with my sister Lennie who now lives in Florida.  She's so far away and I miss her so much!

a friend from childhood

My real dad. I haven't seen him in 8 years and he's never met my son, but I think it's time to get over it. My son's other grandpa died last week, and....really life is too short.

I'm thrilled because my dad is bringing my grandma to town for a few weeks before Christmas! We have some baking, ornament making, and crocheting to do!

I can't wait for Christmas this year!  :)

I plan on reconnecting with my husband!  We have both been super busy and will continue to be right up until the holiday.  I run an online store selling eco friendly handbags and he will soon open a brick and mortar store for endurance and multi-sport (triathlon) athletes so this is our crazy time! I look forward to actually spending some time with him and having a normal conversation. 


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