Weekly Commenting Contest: If you knew you had one day to live, how would you spend it?

If you knew you had one day to live, how would you spend it?


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Gosh, to be honest this is a really hard topic for me. I guess for any parent it would be a hard question to answer. I would want to spend it with my kids. I'd want to make sure I talked to them about their faith and my hopes for their lives. I'd take lots of photos. I'd go shopping and pick out a special outfit for each of my kids to give to their first born children to pass on to each child. I'd call my extended family and tell them how much I loved them and my hopes to spend eternity with them. Then I'd call my friends and tell them how special they were to me in the course of my life. Finally, I'd gather my children around me and bawl my eyes out as I smothered them with hugs and kisses.
I would just love to spend the day on the beach with my family!
Disney World with my family. ;-)
i would throw a party for my loved ones with good food, wine, music, dancing and funy movies.
I would love to spend the day with my kids and family.  Just hanging out and being together.  Maybe eating lots of good food too. ;)

I would visit my parents/fam and say my goodbyes and spend every second of the rest of the day with my son & his dad...just playing...doing whatever my little man wanted. And taking LOTS of pictures so that he'd have something to remember me by forever. It kills me to even think of ever having to leave my baby but the last day of my life would definitely be all about him. <3


nicole at onelittlemister dot com

If I knew I had one day left to live I'd make sure to do as many good deeds as possible so I'd be leaving the world a better place.
I would spend the day with my family doing something we love... probably outside skiing or playing at the park. Just close time with my husband and my children.
Id spend the first part of the day at the beach with my family.  Looking at the ocean is one of my favorite things.  Id spend the other half snuggling with my kids and husband.
I'd spend it with my family, no question about it.
I would ask my little guy's what they would want to do more than anything in the world... I would live my last day enjoying life through their eyes, probably at Disney World, lol!
in a hot air balloon with my husband and kids...preferably floating over Ireland

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