Weekly Commenting Contest: How will you be celebrating the holidays?

How will you be celebrating the holidays?

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We spend Christmas at home with our two boys so that we may all truly enjoy the day and focus on the true importance of this special holiday.  On Christmas Eve the boys will open up one present, new pajamas to sleep in and wait for Santa to arrive, and we will make peppermint milkshakes to enjoy by the fire.


We are hosting Christmas dinner at our home for about 25 of our family members. (A little stressful!)

We have a busy few days with family! Headed to my sister's thursday night for a Friday pre-christmas in her new home! Then Christmas Eve at our home with my in laws... and then everyone here on Christmas for a fun day of playing and enjoying company and yummy food :)

We can't wait to celebrate! Hubs will take off two days for four day weekends and we plan on staying in, getting great food & playing with our new Xbox Kinect! (Of course, they don't know that last detail yet. lol)

We are a homeschool family so we are studying the meaning of the holidays and how the holidays are celebrated around the world.  This year we are also celebrating Hanukkah as well as Christmas. Christmas Day will be so busy going to family's homes that I wanted to spread out the holiday for my boys and teach them to trust in God even when the situation looks impossible.

I celebrate with all of my loved ones.  The Christmas presents aren't the highlight for the adults. My entire family being together is...  Of course, the kids LOVE the presents portion of it all lol. Good food, wonderful people that I love and a day of relaxation is the epitome of the perfect Christmas day and I get that this year, thanks to moving back closer to my relatives.

Christmas Eve Mass with my husband and boys. Followed by some Christmas Eve Dinner - Pizza and Garlic Bread from a local Italian Restaurant. And on Christmas Day we will get up and spend the morning at our house. In the afternoon we'll head out to my sister's where we will also meet up with my parents and grandpa.

nothing special at all...we are even doing school during the whole normal break period so we can get out of school earlier for summer break

This year my mom is across the country with my sister, who had her first baby last week. Since Mom is the one who hosts our family dinner, it's up to the three of us siblings to do it this year! We'll be meeting at my brother's and having dinner, which my nephew has decided he is going to take charge of. Should be interesting! I always bake the desserts and I'll still do that as well. Happy Holidays!

Small Family Gathering this year!! Almost like Thanksgiving...but with MORE HAM :D


Happy Holidays from California :D (this is my lil one, Raya)


Our Holidays are a whirlwind of FUN.

Thanksgiving t my Aunts with over 30 family members (not including kids).

11/26 my now 3 year olds b-day.

12/20 my almost 11 year olds b-day.

Christmas Eve at another Aunts house.

Christmas Day with our in-laws

New Years Eve at home with all of our families invited.

It doesn't end there my last child's b-day keeps us going 2/10.

What was I thinking not spanning my children out.

This will be my first holiday celebrating as a mom, so this year is all about the baby! The way i look at things is completely different now, from day to day life, to holidays. Everything we are doing for the holidays we are hoping to make into traditions and continue on each year. From putting up our tree, to baking cookies for Santa as a family, to opening gifts on Christmas morning. I'm still looking for that perfect recipe for what i can make for our first Christmas morning breakfast! 

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