Weekly Commenting Contest: How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving this year?

How will you be celebrating Thanksgiving this year?


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my 10 year old daughter and i watch the Macy's parade every year together.  She really wants to go black fri shopping so while we watch it we will browse the ads and see if there is anything worth our time and effort to get up early for on friday

This year we are going to have a small dinner. We are on a budget, and since my family will be here for Christmas, we are going to do the big meal at Christmas!

We are not traveling this year but will be celebrating with friends locally--with Tofurky!! I am a vegetarian, but I hope the meat-eaters don't freak out!

Usually we do a huge family get together with extended family with around 40 guests! This year we decided to have a simple intimate Thanksgiving with just my Husband, two girls and me. Fun and relaxing!

We have FIVE Thanksgiving dinners... my husband's family twice, my family three times... seesh!  Luckily, we love turkey :)

I thought we were going to DH's aunt's house. Last night DH said he wanted to stay home. Our anniversary is coming up, and money is tight, so instead of spending $50 on gas, we're going to go someplace nice for our anniversary. I bought the food last night and cleaned the house today (DS18 was home to help), tomorrow I have to go out of town on business, and Wednesday I will bake and prep.

We are traveling to SoCal to visit my husband's family!

For the first year we are having everyone over here.  We're cooking and lighting the fireplace for the first time.  I'm so excited to finally have enough room to have my entire family over for holidays!

We celebrate Thanksgiving at home by enjoying our time together as a family.  After Thanksgiving, the holidays get CRAZY, so we take advantage of that day to focus on each other and why we are thankful to have each other in our lives. 

We have a big family, so we have 3 dinners to attend. Needless to say the turkey isn't the only that's stuffed. ;)
My brother and nephews moved home after 10 years and I can't wait to have my whole family together again for Thanksgiving, we will eat, play some football, and watch movies!

I will be spending thanksgiving with my husband, kids and my uncle

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