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Which features of the Verizon FiOS Home Monitoring and Control Service are most appealing to you, and how would the system make your life as a mom easier?

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Amazing product!
I love the ability to monitor my home via camera when away. As a military family my husband is gone a lot, like right now he's deployed and I'm with family--it would be amazing for me to be able to hop online and view the cameras in my house to make sure everything is ok!
Neat! I love being able to control the temp, we go out for hours at a time and it would be nice to turn the ac on when we are on our way home too cool the rooms down.  It would also make keeping an eye on the boys much easier. I can be in a different room, while they are in their toy room playing, and not constantly have to physically check in on them.
I love that you can see whats happening when your not at home.  Like if you had a sitter or house sitter for if your traveling.  I also like that you can control the temp when your not there. THanks, Shannon

I would love to be able to see in understandable terms what our carbon footprint really is and how it changes based on the changes we make in our home. I also love the ability to turn on lights to make it look like we are home.

Thanks Verizon!

It is amazing how much you can with this service when you are away from home!  My favorite features are the security cameras that can be remotely controlled and the ability to monitor our real-time energy consumption. This service will make my life as a mom easier by giving me the peace of mind that my home is taken good care of even without my presence.
Wow this is amazing, my favorites are setting the temp that would save a bundle and in home camera monitoring that would so give me piece of mind really cool eaglesforjack@gmail.com

I like the idea of being able to see what is going on when I am away from home and being able to control things while on vacation.  Robbers watch patterns in your home and it is important to keep as much activity going in the home as possible when away like turning on and off lights!

Omg i love this.The love the ideal that i can cut my heat and a/c on or off.

Wow! That is amazing. The fact that you can actually see what is going on in your home from your mobile phone is remarkable. So many times I have the left the kids with dad and wondered what they're doing. I can check in on them while I'm shopping just from my phone! It would also be so easy to see how much energy is being used/saved to help cut back on our carbon footprint.
I LOVE this concept I will definitely be one of the first in line to get this in our home! I love the fact that I can see or turn on/off anything from anywhere! As a mom this makes life alot easier for me since we all have wondered if we left something on or wished that the lights we on when we were coming in.

Wow! This is a very cool system, it seems very user friendly, and I love the fact that one can monitor the consumption of resources being used each day.


It also gives you a feeling of peace of mind w/the ability to not only have security but visuals on your children.


I'd love to have this.

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