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Which features of the Verizon FiOS Home Monitoring and Control Service are most appealing to you, and how would the system make your life as a mom easier?

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I think it's nice that we can access youtube and facebook through fios

I can keep an eye on my home when i'm away

This is remarkable to say the least.  My only concern would be how secure is it?  Can some one hack into the system and peer into my home through my cameras?  I am sure those are addressed but I wish they touched upon that in the video snippet. 


I do love the idea of being able to turn lights on and off remotely as well as control temperature not only to make it appear that we are home but to not waste energy and still come home to a warm or cool house.  And I would feel safer when I am home alone with the kids at night.

Wow!! This is so cool! I have been wanting to install cameras around our house just to feel safer, and now my favorite cell phone company has designed something that is amazing!! I love being able to monitor the house while i'm away.  It would make my life so much easier and less stressful knowing that when my oldest is babysitting the other kids, I can quickly check on them from my phone or computer. Love it!!
There are a bunch of great features, but I think my favorite one would be when I open the door and come home at night, the lights would automatically turn on.  What a great feature!  Especially when carrying groceries, toys, etc plus a baby!
Controlling temperature and monitoring energy usage. Our electricity bill is so high due to air conditioning and phantom power. We need to manage this better.
To remore lock and unlock doors. It would make my ife easier knowing that they are safe.
Controlling temperature and monitoring energy usage is nice! We need this to control our usage, as we are really bad on maintaining a good temp.
WOW excelent you can manage everything from Verizon FiOS Smart Home. this will be good when i go in trip and i want to check what happend in my house :) 
The visual of showing the energy use is great!!! Being able to change the lighting while not at home is wonderful as well as tuning on the lights before you walk in!

I loved taking a "glimpse into my future"! Technology is simply amazing. I'd love to implement this type of technology in my home... controlling lights, thermostats and being able to keep my eyes on key areas of my home sounds like a dream. I also appreciate the energy saving features... something we all need to be more aware of.

We vacation a couple weeks out of the year and this would give us a lot of peace of mind. We have a security system, but no video monitoring device.

I can't think of anything negative to say about what Verizon is offering. Exciting any way you look at it!

Amazing product!

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