Watch the video and share what your would do if your child acted like this

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Kid freaking out

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Where is the movie?
I think the video link is posted now.
adiaha said:
Where is the movie?
That is stupid and he should do his parents a favor and run away! Why? Are you serious that is hysteria and so ridiculous....Whatever. No more energy toward that spectacle and they tak bout black children....give me a freakin' break!
wow! He needs to take a breath and stop for a minute. That didn't seem to accomplish anything except get rid of some frustration that he had. at least no one was hurt. I don't know what I would do if I had a child to do that other than get help.
In my field I deal with children/young adults with aggression/tantruming everyday this video touches home and breaks my heart.
Yes sometimes you have to turn your head to get a chuckle/smile out but I feel when a child behaves in this way their is a much deeper issue that needs to be taken care of. How I would deal with it is let him get his aggression out and talkto him-find out what he needs from me & possibly find someone he can talk to and find an appropriate way to get his frustrations out (kickboxing, weight lifting etc).
I might call an

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