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Okay - I am a SAHM turned WAHM - I own a children's accessory company and my business is growing and I love taking care of my 1.5 year old daughter BUT it is becoming very hard and stressfull for me to meet my business obligations and feel like I'm giving my daughter the care and attention she deserves.  My question is this - I am thinking about putting her in daycare 1 day a week to give me a day to devote 100% of my attention to things I just can't do when she's awake and running around at my feet, but I feel very guilty about it since my reason for leaving my career and then starting my business was so I could be with her and I'm just wondering, are any other moms out there facing the same delima?

For those of you that are WAHMs or SAHMs, do you have a regular babysitter or daycare that helps occassionally and why? 



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it's a good question!  When my kids were little I crammed my work into naptime and after bedtime (taking breaks for bottles and diapers of course)---  but it's gotten harder and harder as they've gotten older.  I tried to cram it into preschool time but preschool each year kept changing the schedule and this year one twin goes to preschool in the morning and one goes in the afternoon.  So I do cram a lot into bedtime hours now that they sleep through the night (they're 5 now)--- but I still need daytime hours too so I have a babysitter on Sunday mornings and Monday afternoon (nope, there's no preschool EVER on Mondays!)  So I KNOW I can do phone appointments on Sunday mornings, Monday afternoons, or most evenings.  For me spending lots of time with them every day but having certain biz times I can count on has worked.  I don't know if I personally would be as happy having the kids gone all day for one whole day but then having NO time I can count on on other days.  I need my day broken up a bit-- after a lot of time with my kids I need some me time...  :)

Best of luck to you with your biz!

Thanks for your thoughts - I would deffinitely prefer to have the daycare be 2 half days a week instead of one whole day a week but my problem is that the only good daycare in my area does not do half days =(    They only book full days.  I know her being gone one day a week is not going to hurt her, if anything it will probably be good for her... I just don't know how I will deal with it.

I work full time, but my little man stayed home the first 2 years with his dad. When his dad went back to work, I was really sad and worried, but you know what, my son LOVES daycare. It was harder on me than him He goes 2-3 days a week and has a blast. There are other kids to play with, story time, crafts and lots of things to keep him busy and it makes us be able to value our time home together more since I don't have to be working. It's also a good way to learn social skills. My guy is way advanced than his cousins that are the same age and staying at home, and I think it's because he spends time with other kids. If you find the right daycare -- for him it's basically a big and regular playdate. 

I am a SAHM, not a WAHM, but I'd be tempted in your shoes to maybe hire a highschool or middle school girl to watch your daughter in your home in the afternoons. It'd probably be cheaper than daycare, she could still be in your house, and it would be a fun chance for a girl to get some work experience and money. Ooh or check your local college. I would've loved that as a college kid, and there were definitely semesters when I had mornings or afternons completely free.  

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