My Stay-At-Home-Mom Resume Job Description -- What's Yours?

Have you ever sat down to update your resume and wondered how you were going to put what you do into words? I posted my own "Homemaker" job description -- Please feel free to use this verbiage for your own resume if you need it.

I'd also love to hear your comment and add more ideas, I consider this a work in progress. :D


Oh, and I used to actually write resumes for other people in a previous business venture, so if you have a task  you feel you just can't seem put into resume fodder verbiage, please feel free to post it on my blog, and I'll re-write the task for you with Jenn-Flair and make it resume ready fodder for kings!! :P

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this is brilliant!  THANK YOU for sharing!
Thanks Heather! You are very welcome -- hope it comes in handy for you! :D

Heather Price said:
this is brilliant!  THANK YOU for sharing!
I loved this! I need to add this to my resume! Can I really put that I supply hugs and kisses daily!? That would be awesome to get credit for that! lol
Deanna -- I really think you could, depending on what kind of position you are applying for. It really personalizes you which would be good for any position dealing directly with people in a service-type industry. It also depends on the culture of the organization with which you'd be applying for a position. But this is ME and if my personality isn't going to fit with whatever job it is, then I probably don't want to work there anyway ...

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